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Tuck Jagadish Movie Review: A whirlwind of emotions

The film unfolds leisurely, but the pace is aptly suited to its delicate, emotional tale that evokes the complexity of its premise

09 Sep 2021

Dear Megha Movie Review: A not-so-efficient remake of Dia
Dear Megha Movie Review: A not-so-efficient remake of Dia

In many ways, Dear Megha resonates with a heart-touching tale that you read in a novel or a newspaper, but what it lacks is the intensity

03 Sep 2021

Vivaha Bhojanambu Movie Review: Monotony taints a silly yet promising premise

Harmless fun gradually turns exhaustive in this silly comedy

27 Aug 2021

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Review: Predictable screenplay kills the game

Though well-intentioned with a lot of scope, the film is ruined due to its predictable, hardly engaging screenplay

27 Aug 2021

SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review: A mediocre fare

SR Kalyanamandapam is the kind of film that has been caught in the trappings of a 90s potboiler

06 Aug 2021

Thimmarusu Movie Review: A convoluted thriller weighed down by inconsistent narration

The film is weighed down by its sloppy editing, lousy writing, and inconsistent narration

30 Jul 2021

Kudi Yedamaithe Series Review: A smart, riveting thriller

Led by Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay, Kudi Yedamithe is a fascinating thriller that doesn’t overexploit its time loop premise

16 Jul 2021

Ek Mini Katha Movie Review: Small issues don't deter bigger laughs

This Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar-starrer’s efforts to conflate sex comedy and family drama yield mixed results but guarantee big laughs 

27 May 2021

Cinema Bandi Movie Review: For the love of cinema

This endearing film gives plenty of reasons to celebrate it and being funny is only one of them

14 May 2021


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