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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie Review: A visually stunning spell that doesn’t quite work
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie Review: A visually stunning spell that doesn’t quite work

Although this MCU entrant manages to pack in all the eye-popping attributes of the celebrated superhero franchise it fails to strike an emotional chord 

06 May 2022

Moon Knight Series Review: Imperfect yet intriguing, just like its titular hero

Life is a circle and no other superhero character in recent times has established it as much as Moon Knight has in the last six weeks. Since Moon Knight…

05 May 2022

Anatomy of a Scandal Review: A fine adaptation

A must-watch that addresses consent, patriarchy, privilege, and male entitlement in the influential world of British politics

02 May 2022

A still from the series
Russian Doll Season 2 Review: Natasha Lyonne shines bright in this trippy, emotional trip through time

Lyonne and her team of writers give their all in this unique time travel series to tell a trippy, engaging story

27 Apr 2022

A still from Heartstopper
Heartstopper Series Review: Queer and heartwarming 

In Heartstopper, Nick's journey of self-realization in combination with that of Charlie's self-awareness comes together like a nice warm hug on a cold winter night

26 Apr 2022

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Movie Review: An amazing, amusing, and absurd Nicolas Cage star vehicle

We have a film that can be best described as a reminder that Nicolas Cage still has it in him to be the populist hero in our mainstream commercial films

26 Apr 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Review: A cute but middling addition to a fun franchise

Using a tried-and-tested formula, the makers deliver a harmless film that doesn't aim for the skies and is content staying a few inches above the ground

22 Apr 2022

All the Old Knives Movie Review: Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton elevate a talky espionage drama

Though clandestine dealings are its prime focus, All the Old Knives stays away from using that as an excuse to employ tried-and-tested action movie tropes

13 Apr 2022

Promo still of Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue Movie Review: This adaptation works in parts

Cobalt Blue starring Prateik Babbar and Neelay Mehendale in lead roles is about a young man's journey of understanding his sexuality, and exploring first-love

10 Apr 2022


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