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Locked In Movie Review: Impressive performances don't save this predictable film

Secrets. Every one of us has harboured secrets. While some are harmless and meaningless, others can be devastating and nefarious. In Netflix’s latest…

19 Nov 2023

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes Movie Review: A worthy addition that captures the soul of its predecessors

As the film progresses towards its final chapter, the long duration and slow pace can be tested. However, the exceptional performances of the cast  more than compensate for this

17 Nov 2023

The Killer Review: A focused actioner with a pronounced social commentary

In The Killer, David Fincher reels you in with subtle cinematic techniques. The film opens on a cold and methodical assassin who patiently waits alone…

14 Nov 2023

Nyad Movie Review: Annette Bening and Jodie Foster elevate this riveting biopic

Nyad tells the story of marathon swimmer and author Diana Nyad’s incredible feat of swimming from Havana, Cuba to Key West in Florida

13 Nov 2023

The Marvels Movie Review: Yet another harmless clone from the MCU assembly line

The Marvels is a soulless yet harmless compendium of colourful visuals, superhero fights, and a couple of chuckles, that is best enjoyed in the peripheries of your focus

10 Nov 2023

Burning Betrayal Movie Review: All sex and no substance makes a hot mess

For all the poeticism in the title, Netflix's latest Spanish film is really all about sex. It isn't about the abrupt ending of a five-year relationship…

05 Nov 2023

Keedaa Cola Movie Review: This tempest in a teapot fizzes more than it flows 

Keedaa Cola's path of quirks offers more confusion than joy 

03 Nov 2023

All The Light We Cannot See Series Review: Wry and clumsily staged adaptation of a war story that never even tries

It fails to properly execute the mammoth task of adapting a story of strong and layered characters, and limits itself to barebones staging of circumstances that lead to the happenings 

03 Nov 2023

Beckham Documentary Series Review: A Love Letter to Themselves 

Beckham, a new four-part documentary on Netflix, on one of football's greatest stars, is a vanity affair, but it does have its moments 

29 Oct 2023