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Vijay Sethupathi in Laabam
Laabam Movie Review: Lessons alone don’t make a movie

This Vijay Sethupathi film that attacks owners who prioritise profits above workers, prioritises messaging above entertainment

10 Sep 2021

Thalaivii Movie Review
Thalaivii Movie Review: Good writing makes this a fairly enjoyable, even if unsurprising, biopic

This film that interprets the rise of Jayalalithaa through the prism of myth, is a retelling of a familiar story, but this is done on a scale that is quite impressive

10 Sep 2021

Kasada Tabara: The ideas are complex, the writing sadly isn’t

Akkarai, starring Venkat Prabhu, makes an impact in this middling anthology

27 Aug 2021

Boomika Movie Review: A taut horror drama with some interesting ideas

Some interesting ideas and writing set Boomika apart from many run-of-the-mill horror films that Kollywood has churned out in the recent past

22 Aug 2021

Netrikann Movie Review: Many likeable ideas in a reasonably effective thriller 
Netrikann Movie Review: Many likeable ideas in a reasonably effective thriller 

This Nayanthara star vehicle, an official remake of the Korean thriller, Blind, is a faithful adaptation that has a lot of good ideas but still feels strangely cold

13 Aug 2021

Navarasa Review: Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru - Good music and some strong moments in this unsurprising addition to the GCU

Gautham continues to show a great taste for music and an uncanny ability to draw good music from every composer he works with

09 Aug 2021

Navarasa Review: Thunintha Pin - Sarjun-Atharvaa's film bites more than it can chew

The real problem is how, with all the jumps in time and perspective, the small ideas don’t really come together to make a riveting whole

09 Aug 2021

Navarasa Review: Inmai - Hurried end to a promising premise

Inmai is interesting—that much is for sure. The Rumi poem at the beginning, about how fear is the non-acceptance of uncertainty, is deep enough,…

08 Aug 2021

Navarasa Review: Peace - Karthik Subbaraj delivers a reasonably effective Netflix short 

There’s something inexplicably entertaining about seeing Gautham Menon and Bobby Simha in a bunker, wearing soldier uniforms and gearing up to launch…

08 Aug 2021


Which is your favourite time travel film in Tamil?

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