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Ghosty Movie Review: An irreverent, tasteless horror comedy

The film is just a glossy 2-hour product of incoherent and lethargic writing

17 Mar 2023

Agilan Movie Review: An earnest Jayam Ravi fails to save this sinking ship   
Agilan Movie Review: An earnest Jayam Ravi fails to save this sinking ship   

The film, which seems to have noble intentions and a nobler heart, is heavily let down by its attempt to be a lot of hit films.

10 Mar 2023

Memories Movie Review
Memories Movie Review: Intentionally convoluted, unintentionally funny

In films like Memories, it is imperative that the engagement factor is on point, and the film spectacularly fails on that front

10 Mar 2023

The Accidental Farmer and Co Series Review: A quirky premise that needed more quips to stay entertaining

Despite a premise that offers plenty of eccentricities to play with, it is let down by blandness and needed a fleshed-out screenplay

10 Mar 2023

Kondraal Paavam Movie Review: An effective suspense drama shouldered by compelling performances

Director Dayal efficaciously establishes the characters and their motives in the first half, and this helps us in understanding their machinations in the latter half

10 Mar 2023

Pallu Padama Paathuka Movie Review:The ineffective humour is more dangerous than the zombies

The zombie comedy gives horrible adult entertainers a run for their money with some alarmingly lazy writing

03 Mar 2023

Bagheera Review: An eccentric Prabhu Deva shines through a chaotic script

With an unhinged performance, Prabu Deva holds together a film that is less of a coherent story and more of a string of bizarre creative choices  

03 Mar 2023

Ayothi Movie Review: This Sasikumar-starrer is full of heart and yet, marred by melodrama

The creator has weaved in some challenging conflicts throughout this drama to keep up the audience's spirit and offer a satisfactory experience

03 Mar 2023

Ariyavan Movie Review: A fractured storyline with forgotten fundamentals 

The film employs women-centric issues as a tool of 'socially-conscious' storytelling, but fails ultimately thanks to its flawed execution

03 Mar 2023


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