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Does cinema need to acknowledge the pandemic?

Has the pandemic changed the way films are written? Filmmakers weigh in on how stories have changed, and whether they prefer to write the pandemic into their work…

18 Aug 2021

Honey, the kids shrank me - Tollywood star kids are getting more eyeballs than their parents

Star kids are embracing social  media big time, with the blessings of their superstar dads and moms

04 Jul 2021

How is 'destination Tollywood' working for Kannada girls

Many Kannada actors such as Rashmika Mandanna, Shraddha Srinath and Nabha Natesh have found the Telugu film industry to be welcoming

30 May 2021

Operation resurgence-Film production during the times of a pandemic
Operation resurgence-Film production during the times of a pandemic

With the Covid wave bringing the film industry to a grinding halt again, here are producers and directors from across regions sharing their plans and a roadmap for the way ahead

24 May 2021

Telugu cinema on the horns of a dilemma

 The rising Covid-19 cases and night curfew have left the Telugu filmmakers in a limbo

20 Apr 2021

Ms Representation: Vakeel Saab, why ruin Pink?

This weekly column is a rumination on how women are portrayed in cinema, and this week the author discusses Venu Sriram's Vakeel Saab

13 Apr 2021


Which is your favourite time travel film in Tamil?

Indru Netru Naalai