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Shardhoola Movie Review
Shardhoola Movie Review: There's nothing scary about this one

With numerous unanswered questions, Shardhoola tests one's patience and is not remotely thrilling or scary

20 Aug 2021

Kaliveera Movie Review: A good martial arts showreel but very little else to write home about

Kaliveera is the first film to be brought out to theatres post the second lockdown, but it is rife with a lot of shortcomings

07 Aug 2021

Rewind Movie Review: An Unpleasant Dream
Rewind Movie Review: An unpleasant dream

With absolutely no creativity, Rewind is nothing but a purposeless disaster

17 Apr 2021

Kode Muruga Movie Review: A middling film on filmmaking
Kode Muruga Movie Review: A middling film on filmmaking

Subramanya Prasad, who has taken on all responsibilities in the film, including story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics, ends up looking exhausted playing a version of himself

09 Apr 2021

Yuvarathnaa: An entertaining commercial film that also delivers a strong message

Yuvarathnaa deals with the vital issue of education and rides on the able shoulder of Puneeth Rajkumar

01 Apr 2021


Which is your favourite time travel film in Tamil?

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