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Thamizh Talkies: Cinema for the soul

The writer is a producer and art curator

21 Aug 2022

Films that Made Me: Gautham Ramachandran - Spielberg is one of my role models

A biweekly column exploring the films that inspired, influenced and shaped the cinematic sensibilities of contemporary filmmakers

16 Aug 2022

A myth, a metaphor, and much meaning 

With recent films and webseries showing interest in portraying region-specific customs and traditions, we speak to filmmakers on what goes into the making and what such depiction brings to a story

14 Aug 2022

In frame: The Dysfunctional Family

For years, cinema has tried to show perfectly functional families and equating parents as flawless people. But what if they aren’t as faultless as they seem to be?

12 Aug 2022

Thamizh Talkies: A winning week for women

The writer is a producer and art curator

07 Aug 2022

Photo Source: Oh My Dog pet adoption drive, Veetla Vishesham poster, Kaduva team with influencer Nirmal Pillai and Panchathanthiram cast
The promotion revolution

Over the years, films, both low-budget and big-budget ones, have understood the importance of promotions. The times are changing though, and doing the expected isn’t thought to be good enough anymore

05 Aug 2022

Films that Made Me- Milind Rau: Horror is looked down as a genre
Films that Made Me- Milind Rau: Horror is looked down as a genre

The Aval and Netrikann director discusses some important films that inspired him to pursue filmmaking

03 Aug 2022

It's raining remakes in Tamil

With six remake films releasing in a gap of three months, we try and find out if remakes are still relevant in the times of OTTs

01 Aug 2022

Neon Lights and a Revolution of Joy: On the documentary Why So Straight?

Why so Straight is a brief film and it unravels only a few glimpses of the life of a queer artist

28 Jul 2022


What do you think is the best Indian remake so far?

Laal Singh Chaddha
Bang Bang
Dil Bechara
Girl on the Train