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Vith Movie Review: Odd and fascinating at once
Vith Movie Review: Odd and fascinating at once

Don Palathara's second film is another welcome exercise in out-of-the-box filmmaking

09 Aug 2021

Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam movie review: Impressively fluid single-take drama

Don Palathara's new film comes with genuine intentions and not once does its narrative choices seem like a gimmick

22 Jul 2021

Malik Movie Review: Stirring, immaculately staged epic

Mahesh Narayanan hits it out of the park for the third consecutive time

15 Jul 2021

Sara's Movie Review: A breezy, essential film
Sara's Movie Review: A breezy, essential film

Anna Ben asks all the right questions in Jude Anthany Joseph's new film

05 Jul 2021

Cold Case Movie Review: Stiff performances, colourless storytelling

The film's eagerness to get to the final twist comes at the cost of engaging storytelling

30 Jun 2021

Ave Maria movie review
Ave Maria Movie Review: A thought-provoking tale of faith

Ave Maria doesn’t always give clear answers but there is much warmth to be found here

22 Jun 2021

8 1/2 Intercuts Documentary Review: A fitting, unbiased tribute to a maverick filmmaker

8 1/2 Intercuts is a gift for fans of one of Malayalam cinema's greatest filmmakers

28 Apr 2021

Across the Ocean Movie Review: A breezy drama about self-love and independence

A film without lofty aspirations, even though its characters harbour them

22 Apr 2021

Wolf Movie Review: Engaging psychological drama derailed by a shaky third act

For the most part, the film gives us the effect of watching a tightly constructed play, aided by appropriate staging and camera movements

18 Apr 2021


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