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Adrishya Jalakangal Movie Review: Earnest performances, dull storytelling

The entire film behaves as though it was built around a checklist -- to make it appealing to international film festival juries, perhaps?

25 Nov 2023

Maharani Movie Review: A well-intentioned but overlong comedy

The film gets funniest when Roshan, Shine and Johny Antony are together, but this union doesn't happen too often

24 Nov 2023

Kaathal- The Core Movie Review: Mammootty and Jeo Baby deliver an emotional juggernaut

The film is arguably the most daring attempt from Malayalam cinema so far

23 Nov 2023

Falimy Movie Review: Breezy ride driven by strong emotions

A functional story of a dysfunctional family amped up by the fun moments

17 Nov 2023

Phoenix Movie Review: Intriguing concept let down by bland narration

Phoenix is yet another case of plot revelations overshadowing the performances and storytelling

17 Nov 2023

Bandra Movie Review: A sluggish and sloppy potboiler

After a rather decent first half where the drama around Tara's (Tamannaah) situation is established, the narrative turns messy

10 Nov 2023

Vela Movie Review: Sunny Wayne and Shane Nigam excel in a suitably tense ride

Vela is most gripping when the two actors spew venom at each other

10 Nov 2023

Tholvi FC Movie Review: A heartwarming tale of late bloomers

Tholvi FC reminds you that sometimes it's better to endure a long wait to accept what is truly right for you. 

03 Nov 2023

Garudan Movie Review: An engrossing thriller with a terrific finale

Pitted against each other in equally prominent roles, seasoned performers Suresh Gopi and Biju Menon keep us on the edge of our seats

03 Nov 2023