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A still from Squid Game
Squid Game Series Review: A twisted, satisfying survival drama

Writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk has conceived a bloody survival drama along the lines of Saw and The Hunger Games which also had social commentary as an undertone

08 Oct 2021

Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1 Review: Emotional, exhilarating episodes that better past dullness

Through its brilliant writing that betters past mistakes, the first half of the final season hits the high standard that the show has set

05 Sep 2021

Man in Love Movie Review: A problematic premise overshadows a beautiful love story

Man in Love has the potential to be a deeply romantic film and there are glimpses of it, but it never comes together

20 Aug 2021

Hit & Run Series Review: Captivating, Intense, Brilliant

An intense, powerful show on international espionage shrouded in intrigue and mystery

08 Aug 2021

The Last Mercenary Movie Review: A self-aware action-comedy that falters

This Jean-Claude Van Damme-led action-comedy works only in patches

08 Aug 2021

The Swarm Movie Review: Bustling locusts and broken humans combine to deliver effective scares

This French indie horror takes the best cues from the genre to tell a creepy, grounded tale about a bereaved family

06 Aug 2021

Deep Movie Review:  A disappointing film, especially after its strong start  
Deep Movie Review:  A disappointing film, especially after its strong start  

A badly conceived film that fails to engage after the first twenty-odd minutes

17 Jul 2021

Last Summer Movie Review: Charms you through its beautiful depiction of an adolescent's journey

The sensitive, subtle writing makes it hard not to ruminate through the doses of nostalgia, empathy, and heartbreak that this Turkish coming-of-age drama offers

09 Jul 2021

Elize Matsunaga - Once Upon a Crime Docu-series Review: Unsettling, gut-wrenching, riveting

This documentation of a grotesque crime is a fitting addition to Netflix’s library of true-crime documentaries

09 Jul 2021


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