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Volume Series Review: Amateur acting and predictable writing in this show of musical dreams

All in all, Volume flatters to deceive. It’s neither good nor bad. The story, though predictable, had the potential to branch off into its own, independent territory. Not to be the case, sadly.

26 Dec 2023

BVFF 2023: Kooki Movie Review: Leans heavily on emotions and fumbles the storytelling 

Kooki also suffers from chunks of character moments that are not connected to the central narrative but solely remain to overstate how bad the crime is

16 Dec 2023

Familia Movie Review: An intimate, nuanced and character-driven portrait of family

It is indeed a challenge to set the narrative in a single space because you need the acting, writing and direction to come together as one – and that’s precisely what it pulls off.

16 Dec 2023

All-Time High Movie Review: Great chemistry between the leads in this unlikely French romantic comedy drama

With its attempt to keep things slightly away from the norm, All-Time High succeeds in being above average. And for that reason alone, this romantic comedy drama film is worth the watch

18 Nov 2023

The Conference Movie Review: It had the potential to be a classic whodunnit but ends up being a campy slasher flick

The unexpected murders fit seamlessly into the weird environment, but the clues are too overt to be brushed aside. It is the half-reveal that sinks the film much earlier than expected

15 Oct 2023

Paradise Movie Review: Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran deliver their best

Dense writing powers in Sri Lankan filmmaker Prasanna Vithanage's new film, which is rich in details

12 Oct 2023

Ballerina Movie Review: A riveting central performance in this thriller with many gaps

If you’re willing to look past the many inadvertent questions the narrative throws up, Ballerina makes for an interesting ride

07 Oct 2023

Cassandro Movie Review: A biopic that needed more focus and heart

Despite hitting the expected highs of a biopic depicting an underdog, Cassandro falls short of delivering a strong emotional impact 

01 Oct 2023

Paradise Movie Review: Touch and Go Dystopia

Director Boris Kunz takes the Black Mirror route, serving a story on the good ol' twisted human behaviour against a new-ish backdrop

06 Aug 2023