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Black Butterflies Series Review: Excellent characterisation and build-up in this dark and flawed show

While some twists work in the narrative’s favour, spinning the standard serial killer genre on its head, others fail to impress

16 Oct 2022

Chhello Show Movie Review: Pure in its emotion but slips in its expression

India’s Oscar entry is a visual treat but dabbles between an artist’s expression and his indulgence

14 Oct 2022

Hunt Movie Review: A relentlessly paced, high-voltage thriller

Actor Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut plays out against the backdrop of 80s Korean politics

13 Oct 2022

Emergency Declaration Movie Review: Nerve-wracking, thought-provoking disaster film

Korean superstars Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun are characters racing against time to save their loved ones after a virus outbreak on board an aircraft

23 Sep 2022

The Festival of Troubadours Series Review: A complex, dysfunctional tale of father and son

An intense, character-driven narrative made whole by its endless pauses and musical footnotes

04 Sep 2022

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review: Satisfactorily upholds the franchise legacy without exploring new territories

The film asserts its confidence in the story by focusing heavily on Gohan and Piccolo, Instead of relying on series heavyweights Goku and Vegeta

29 Aug 2022

Loving Adults Movie Review: Unpredictable and intense
Loving Adults Movie Review: Unpredictable and intense

A refreshing take on its infidelity-thriller genre

27 Aug 2022

The Assistant Movie Review: Bizarre and oddly engaging

For Teh to pull off a fairly intelligent narrative in an all-out action flick such as this is a commendable feat in itself. Gloss over its obvious flaws and you have yourself a film worth watching!

22 Aug 2022

Heartsong Movie Review: An innocent, endearing and atypical rom-com 
Heartsong Movie Review: An innocent, endearing and atypical rom-com 

A typically romantic tale envisioned in an atypical manner. Its strength lies in its sheer innocence

13 Aug 2022


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