Thrigun: Working with RGV helped me to reinvent myself

Thrigun: Working with RGV helped me to reinvent myself

Actor Thrigun is delighted to collaborate with director Ram Gopal Varma for Konda

Actor Thrigun is in an upbeat mood as he awaits the release of his upcoming film Konda, a biopic on the politician couple Konda Murali and Surekha. Brimming with confidence, Thrigun speaks with the enthusiasm of a child on his first collaboration with director Ram Gopal Varma, who is set to give him an image makeover. "I have been longing to work with RGV sir ever since my debut film Katha. I got in touch with him through mutual friends. When I met him, his first impression was that I wouldn't suit his style of films... because I looked like a romantic hero to him. Often, he would compliment me on my looks. Last year, after the second lockdown, I met him once again and he asked me about my previous films. He then pitched a couple of stories, but they didn't materialise. He wanted to give me the best and offered me, Konda," begins Thrigun, adding, "If I have to describe the film in RGV sir's lingo: Konda is like sex...there's both pain and pleasure in it."

Thrigun maintains that Konda is a blend of fact and fiction. "RGV sir has directed several biopics in the past. Raktha Charitra and Kondaveeti were raw, while Konda is a fictional story with some real-life incidents. The love story of Konda Murali and Surekha that happened in the midst of the Naxal movement is really thrilling. For that matter, we have added fiction to this true story. Also, the film depicts how Konda Murali fought against all the odds and became a successful politician. I feel both fortunate and excited to have played such an adventurous role," avers the journalist-turned-actor.

He continues, "The film shows the most intense incidents that happened in the lives of Konda Murali and Surekha. About 47 bullets were pumped into Murali's body and enacting that scene was really challenging. Can you ever imagine the mindset of a person, who survived such horrific attacks? I understood that emotion and carried that intensity throughout the film. I would say Konda is my best film to date."

The Katha actor has gone for a makeover to play the part. "I have sported two distinct looks with a mustache in the film. I have to gain as well as lose weight to look authentic for the part. The film is set in the '90s. So there were no mobile phones and lovers used to meet or communicate with each other at a bus stop or college canteen. It required me to remain focused on these aspects and adopt such a mindset. The film also touches upon oppression, injustice, feudal system, and caste discrimination and highlights what attracted a few youngsters to join the Naxal movement," says Thrigun.

Expressing confidence that the audience will warm up to Konda, the 24 Kisses actor shares, "We have made a mass entertainer and I am sure it will attract everyone. To me, a mass film is the one, which is being watched by more people. Films like The Kashmir Files, Happy Days, etc were received well by a large section of the audience. So they are mass films. Similarly, Konda will also be liked by the audience."

Admitting that his thought process has changed after the pandemic, Thrigun says, "The pandemic times gave me some time to introspect on my career. A few people have asked me to not do films like Cheekati Gadhilo Chithakottudu and 24 Kisses. They also questioned me as to why I am doing such films? But these films excited me and have helped me grow as an actor. Also, when I go out, people have been asking me why I am not doing films often. I am neither a newcomer nor a big star. I want to work for the audience and earn their love. I have done 16 films in the last three years. A lot of small producers are finding it difficult to get suitable actors on board for their films. I am ready to work with them. I must say, working with RGV helped me to reinvent myself."

About his upcoming films, Thrigun says, "Prema Desam and Work From Home are ready for release. Then there's Kirayi which shows me as a 42-year-old man. I am working on a new film to be directed by a former assistant of Deva Katta. I am also doing a Tamil film with Mysskin and a Kannada film titled Line Man."

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