Carbon trailer: Vidharth starrer is a crime thriller with a twist

Trailer of Carbon starring Vidharth was released on December 4
A promo still of Carbon
A promo still of Carbon

The trailer of Vidharth's upcoming film Carbon was released on December 4. The 2-minute long video introduces audiences to the main characters of the crime thriller. In this, Vidharth plays the role of a man with a strange power.

His dreams turn into reality. He notices how many events of his life had occurred previously in his dreams and hoped that one particular dream remains just that. It is more of a nightmare according to him. He sees his father get hit by a black car.

Despite his prayers, he is informed of his father's accident. He informs the cops that his father was hit by a black car, but he was unable to recall the plate number. So the cops couldn't help him. He then begins to investigate the accident, realizes that his father was targeted.

After this realization, he dreams again. This time, he is on the verge of identifying the person who attacks his father. He sees the car door open, but before he could see the person who stepped out, his mother woke him up and the dream disappeared.

Vidharth as the lead in the film decides to do his best to use his strange dream turned into reality powers to find out the reason behind his father's attack.

Carbon also stars Dhanya Balakrishnan, Vikram Jagadeesh, Marimuthu, and Ajay, among others. The film is directed by Sreenivasan and produced by A Bhagyalakshmi, M Anandhajothi, and R Srinivasan. The release date of the film is yet to be announced.

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