Six punch lines ft. Superstar Rajinikanth from the Jailer Audio Launch

The actor, who is no more a subject of interviews, addressed various topics pertaining to his personal life and stardom he gained through his career 
Rajinikanth at Jailer audio launch
Rajinikanth at Jailer audio launch

Ahead of Jailer's release on August 10, the makers of the Rajinikanth-starrer held a grand audio launch function in Chennai. While only a limited got to witness the speech delivered by the Superstar, the event recently premiered on SunNXT and has been going viral since then. So here's a one-stop shop to keep you covered on the punches Rajinikanth landed like only he can. 

‘If not for alcohol, I could have done more good’

The actor did not shy away from drawing instances from his own life, to extend a piece of advice to his ardent followers who worship him as a demi-god. Regretting his drinking habits, Rajinikanth said, "Not just in cinema but even in society, I could have done a lot more good. Kindly listen when I ask you not to drink. Of course, I don't mean to quit it completely. An occasional drink or two to your convenience isn't the problem. But remember, it is not just you who is troubled by your drinking habit, but your family as well."

‘After Annaatthe, I had doubts on doing what to do next’

Rajinikanth also divulged how after Annaatthe's release, he listened to a lot of narrations but they were mostly reiterations of a Baasha or an Annamalai. Rajinikanth also shared a ray of empathy for causing disappointment for filmmakers who came to meet him. "Feeling bad, I took some time off from listening to any stories. It was at that time when Kannan from Sun Pictures spoke about Nelson having a good line. Nelson was shooting for Beast at the time, and he said he will come back and narrate a line. I waited for 20 days, and he still didn't come. Finally, we had set up a meeting at around 10am and he turned up at noon, and the first thing he asked me... a good cup of coffee." 

‘Beast release left me confused’

While rumours floated that the makers of Jailer were planning to replace Nelson after the director's previous film Beast opened to mixed criticism, Rajinikanth got candid about the situation. "When the film hit the screens, many asked me to rethink my decision. With Beast getting bad reports, the constant questioning confused me. But then, it is important to remember that a good director never fails even if the subject matter does. Nelson was only three films old then, and had I taken their suggestion, it would hamper his future. But once I realised that Beast was a profitable venture for the producers, we sealed the deal with Nelson.”

‘Nelson is a dictator’

While one may think the sets of Jailer would be serious, Rajinikanth breaks the notion. In fact, he goes on to reveal how after completing the first shot, Nelson had enquired about Rajinikanth's romantic history. "I was taken aback when he asked about the heroines I loved or who loved me," said Rajinikanth with his characteristic laugh. "Nelson is jovial, for sure, but as a director, he behaves like a dictator who never stops till he gets what he wants."

‘The superstar title was a problem always’

Even as Rajinikanth is fondly known as Superstar by his fans, the actor recounts how it was in 1977 when producer Thanu credited him with the moniker. Expressing his initial skepticism, Rajinikanth said, "Some thought that I was scared and acted like a coward. But I fear only two people... god and good people. I was skeptical about the title because Kamal Haasan was at his peak and Sivaji sir was still acting as a hero. I politely declined it but faced opposition as well. But I overcame all this and I had kept the fire burning in me. And honestly, the fire is very much alive." 

‘Crows are the most mischievous among the birds'

Rajinikanth, the OG story narrator during film events, narrated a tale where he called crows the most notorious among the birds. Reminding that crows keep pulling the legs of other birds, and it is the eagle that soars up above this cacophony, Rajinikanth said people have to be like the eagles and fly above the unnecessary noise. "The social media might go on to compare and draw names on whom I called a crow. I request you not to do that as I have only spoken about what happens practically, and it is not directed at any person.”

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