I was hurt but I didn't show it: Dharsha Gupta on Sathish's disparaging comments

I was hurt but I didn't show it: Dharsha Gupta on Sathish's disparaging comments

Social media was abuzz with criticisms about actor-comedian Sathish's flippant remarks about the costume choices of his Oh My Ghost co-star Dharsha Gupta. 

In his speech at the audio launch event, he poked fun at Dharsha for not wearing the 'traditional' attire of the South while Mumbai-based Sunny Leone, who is headlining the film, turned up in a saree. 

This unnecessary comparison didn't go down well with the netizens, who criticised Sathish for his insensitive and misogynist remarks. Celebrities like Chinmayi and director Naveen took to social media to express their displeasure over Sathish's statement. 

While Sathish didn't immediately respond to the backlash, he shared a video where he expressed his opinion about the incident. "At the event, Dharsha told me that she was dressed in modern clothes and expressed curiosity to see what Sunny would be wearing. When Sunny arrived, Dharsha was upset that Sunny was dressed in a pattu podavai, expressing disappointment about the difference in their dressing styles and it is she who told me to share this on stage."

Sathish added, "A lot of people are voicing for women's freedom to dress as per their wish and that's true. Be it a man or a woman, dressing the way they want is their right. What happened on the stage was an incident between two friends but many have interpreted it on a serious note."

However, things took the proverbial twist in the tale when Dharsha refused outright to take even the slightest of blame for this incident. Replying to Sathish's statement, she said, "Sathish, is this good way to turn on me that I asked you to tell like this on stage? It's very strange. Yaaravadhu enna pathi, stage la neenga asingama pesunganu solluvangala?? Enakum annaiku avlo hurt uh tha irunthuchu, but na adha perusa kaatikala. But ipo ipadi solrathu, not good."

Sathish deleted his post soon after Dharsha responded to the statement. We will have to see what new turn this incident takes in the near future. 

Directed by R Yuvan, Oh My Ghost is a horror comedy that also stars Yogi Babu and Ramesh Thilak. Produced by Media Entertainment and White Horse Studios, the makers are yet to announce the release date.

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