Parthiban's Iravin Nizhal brings together Oscar winners AR Rahman, Craig Mann, Cottalango Leon

The one-shot film is in its final stages of post-production
Iravin Nizhal brings together three Oscar winners
Iravin Nizhal brings together three Oscar winners

While it is known that director Parthiban's upcoming film Iravin Nizhal has AR Rahman composing the music, the latest is that two more Academy Award-winning technicians—Craig Mann (Sound Designer) and Cottalango Leon (VFX Supervisor)—have joined the film.

Speaking about the collaboration, the director says, "With every film, I want to determine my own heights and achieve it. Iravin Nizhal is the result of the confidence I gained after Oththa Seruppu and bringing together three Oscar-winners is one such attempt."

Speaking about collaborating with AR Rahman, the director said that a 20-year dream to work with the composer is coming to life with Iravin Nizhal. "Rahman sir and I were supposed to work for a film called Yelelo in 2001, however, it was later dropped. For Iravin Nizhal, I took Rahman sir to the sets and explained the concept of the film. It is necessary because a one-shot film isn't easy to explain to people. Even people who watched this film can't believe that it was shot in a single take. Rahman sir's music is a big backbone for the film.

"I saw the Oscar-winning Whiplash when it was released and I was really impressed by it. In fact, I asked Ilayaraaja sir watch that film. I somehow managed to reach the sound designer of that film, Craig Mann, who won the Oscar for it," says Parthiban on casting Mann.

The third Academy Award-winning technician to join the film is the Indian-American VFX supervisor Cottalango Leon, who won the 2016 Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement for 'the design, engineering and continuous development'. "He actually lives near Tirunelveli but nobody knows we have an Oscar-winner here. I showed the film to him and I connected him with the VFX team we have here."

Iravin Nizhal, billed as Asia's first one-shot film, explores the life of a 50-year-old manner. While many one-shot films have been made across the world, Iravin Nizhal is unique due to a few reasons. "I have seen almost all of the one-shot films made till now. Most of them are films that are stitched together to look like a single shot. Our film isn't a stitched one. Secondly and more importantly, Iravin Nizhal is the only non-linear one-shot film in the history of cinema. The rest of the films are all linear in storytelling.

With the film in its final stages of post-production, Parthiban says that he is confident about releasing it in theatres. "Though it may not look like it, a humongous amount of money was put into the making of this film. We constructed almost 50 sets in a 75-acre land in OMR to shoot the film. Further, we had to rehearse for about 90 days to shoot the film."

Notably, Parthiban's previous release Oththa Seruppu garnered him a special jury award in the 67th National film awards. The Hindi remake of the film, starring Abishek Bachchan in the lead, wrapped up shooting in December and is in its final stages of post-production.

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