Hansika: I want the audience to remember me as an entertainer 

Actor Hansika Motwani reflects on her journey so far and talks about her upcoming films, her aspirations and more 
Hansika: I want the audience to remember me as an entertainer 

A few years ago, Hansika was a part of every other male star's film and was the most sought-after heroine in commercial cinema. But recently her trajectory has changed and her current filmography is majorly composed of female-centric films.  She clarifies that it isn't a conscious choice and calls herself as someone who goes with the flow. "When a good script comes my way and I am drawn towards the writing, I mostly end up doing it. I don't have a solid pattern I stick to." However, she admits that it is a step up in her career,"I believe I have earned this position in the industry with my work. I wasn't offered such titular roles when I was a newcomer, I have slowly made progress with each film of mine to reach a point where the producers and directors trust me with their films. I take great pride in my achievements as I built all this on my own, starting at a very young age."

She adds that headlining such films makes her more mature as an actor. "I see these projects headlined by me as a major milestone and I'm grateful for all the films that elevated me to this point in my career." Up next she will be seen in films like Man, Guardian, Rowdy Baby and Gandhari. Even though she plays the main protagonist in all these films, she ensures that none of them will have resemblances to each other. Calling Man as one of the best films of her career she says,"Man is a film that wears a female empowerment message on its sleeves. The film portrays the challenges my character goes through. My character has to possess the qualities of both a man and a woman mentally to overcome the grave circumstances that life throws at her. I am really happy with the way the film has shaped up. It will surely be a memorable film."

Considering the dynamic nature of the film industry. Does she ever feel compelled to have a game plan to stay on top of the game? "No,certainly not," she replies with a smile,"My only goal is to keep being part of good cinema. Be it a female-centric film, an A-list star's film where I play his love interest or an OTT series shot on a tight budget, I approach all the projects with the same enthusiasm." She adds that her recent lineup of female-centric films doesn't stop her from getting back to playing the commercial heroine alongside a male star. "I am open to doing all kinds of scripts that excite me. I don't have any filters on my mind."

She has actively collaborated with a lot of first-time directors in her recent works. Hansika feels it's her way of returning the goodness as she was a newcomer once. "I am delighted to work with debut directors because they bring much passion and dedication to their craft. Since it is their first film, most of them have spent years fine-tuning their script and coming up with the best version of it. So it is easier for me to trust them to deliver a quality film. In most cases, they bring in the much-needed freshness to a film, that even a few seasoned filmmakers missed out in their recent films."

Hansika wants the audience to remember her as an entertainer, "Regardless of the medium or genre I am part of, my ultimate goal is to entertain people. I get my energy by entertaining people and I am so thankful that God made me an actor. I just want to keep entertaining as many people as possible, as long as I can," she signs off.

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