Dwarakh Raja: Parole is a family drama with a twist

Director Dwarakh Raja talks about the books and films that inspired his upcoming film Parole and how it stands apart from a typical crime thriller
Dwarakh Raja: Parole is a family drama with a twist

The crime thriller Parole marks the sophomore effort of director Dwarakh Raja, who previously made Kadhal Kasakuthaiya in 2017. The film's tagline goes, “Every family has a story but not every story is a family story.” Elaborating on the tagline, director Dwarakh says, “Every family has a story that they can’t share with anyone outside, Parole revolves around one such family and the internal dynamics that render them dysfunctional. To put it succinctly, Parole is a family drama with a twist.”

With graphic visuals and a lurid presentation of crime on screen, the trailer for the film promises us plenty of action but director Dwarakh maintains that at its core, Parole is essentially a family drama that revolves around a mother and her two sons. Janaki Suresh plays the mother while RS Karthiik and Linga play her sons. Talking about works that inspired him to make Parole, Dwarakh enthusiastically cites a number of books and films as a direct influence. According to the filmmaker, The Two Brothers, by Honore de Balzac, and Komora by Lakshmi Saravana Kumar were books that have a thematic resemblance to Parole while 1982 film The Verdict, by Sidney Lumet, had also inspired him.

In an industry plagued by obligations to add commercial elements to films, Dwarakh claims he was never under pressure to accentuate the mainstream appeal of the film through unnecessary comedic tracks and hastily plugged-in romance.

The cast of the film also includes Kalpika, Monisha, and Vinodhini in supporting roles. Apart from directing the project, Dwarakh Raja has also written the screenplay for the film while Madhusudhanan has produced the film under his banner TRIPR Entertainment. Rajkumar Amal composed the music for the film while Magesh Thirunavukarasu handled the cinematography. Parole is set to hit theatres on 11 November.

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