The Great Gatsby TV adaptation in works

Vikings creator Michael Hirst will adapt Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel as a big-budget mini-series
The Great Gatsby TV adaptation in works

A TV adaptation of The Great Gatsby is in the works. The show is being created by Vikings creator Michael Hirst.

Published in 1925, the novel by Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the greatest. It explores jazz-age America and its class-divide. Over the years, the novel has had multiple TV and film adaptations. Notably, stand-up comedian Andy Kaufman had read the novel as a part of his routine. The most famous adaptation, however, is the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer The Great Gatsby from filmmaker Baz Luhrmann.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Michael Hirst's adaptation will be a big-budget, close-ended miniseries and that it will take a slightly different angle and focus on New York's Black community in the 1920s and jazz music's influence.

The report also states that Hirst and co-producers are currently looking to sell the series to a premium cable or streaming service.

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