'Naanum Single Thaan will show how most women have misunderstood feminism'

...says director Gopi R about his debut film, Naanum Single Thaan, starring Dinesh and Deepti Sati, which is all set to hit the screens this Friday
'Naanum Single Thaan will show how most women have misunderstood feminism'

After a long delay due to the pandemic, debutant director R Gopi’s Naanum Single Thaan is all set to hit the screens this Friday. If you are someone who feels there’s a dearth of romcoms in Tamil cinema, Gopi promises an entertaining romance in Naanum Single Thaan. “It’s a film for people in love, and it’s made especially for the youth of this generation,” says the director.

Starring Dinesh and Deepti Sati, the film tells the story of a woman with a resolution to stay single for the entirety of her life and an unfortunate man with no luck in his love life. Rajendran enters as the cupid in this story.

Even though the core plot follows this one-liner, the film also touches upon multiple other topics, says the director. “We’re living at a time when violence against women is on the rise. What men can do to help the issue is something that we’ve addressed.” He calls his film female-centric, but adds that the feminist angle is handled “on a surface-level and in a commercial manner.” The director even goes on to say, “I believe that many women have misunderstood what feminism is, and we have shown how the women of this generation perceive feminism.”

Gopi tells us the film also “warns about the digital portals that are out there to trap women.” So will this be a film that is focused on sending messages to the audience? The director says, “There is a message in this film, but we have made sure that it is not preachy and in-your-face. You need to look closely and find the message yourself.”

The film's songs, like Ithuvarai and Maamazhai, have been trending amongst the youth and Gopi says that working with music director Hitesh Manjunath (who is making his Tamil debut) was a great experience. “Since the film has comedy, composing the background score and providing fresh sound effects was a challenge. But he has handled it well.”

On casting Dinesh and Deepti Sati in the lead roles, Gopi says that the ideas dealt with in the film needed actors who are “bold in their approach and ones who aren’t hesitant in doing such risky concepts.” 

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