Bicchugatthi has shaped up well, says writer BL Venu

The historical drama features Rajavardan as Baramanna Nayaka and Prabhakar as Dalavayi Muddanna
Bicchugatthi has shaped up well, says writer BL Venu

One of the highlights of the historical drama, Bicchugatthi - Dalavayi Dange, Chapter 1, which features Rajavardan as Baramanna Nayaka, is said to be the role of Dalavayi Muddanna, played by Prabhakar of Baahubali fame.

The film, directed by Hari Santhosh, is based on the novel, Raja Bichhugathi Baramanna written by BL Venu. The story is set in the 15th century and focuses on the battle between Baramanna Nayaka and Dalavayi Muddanna, and how the former goes about ascending to the throne.

The writer, who has watched a few rushes and a couple of songs, says the film has shaped up well. “Till date, 14 novels of mine have been converted into films. The makers, who usually go by the book, have always made a few changes for cinematic purpose,” says Venu, adding, “Rajavardan looks majestic as Baramanna Nayaka. Prabhakar, who has played the antagonist, has an equally important role and looks unique. This is the Telugu actor’s first historical drama, and he perhaps faced difficulty with the language, but he has still put in a lot of effort. I am yet to watch the whole film.”  

The film is produced under the banner, Om Sai Krishna Productions, and is now in post-production stages. It features Hariprirya as Siddambe, and also stars Rekha, Srinivas Murthy and Dingri Nagaraj in prominent roles.

Bicchugatthi has music by Hamsalekha and Nakul Abhayankar, and cinematography by Guru Prashanth Rai.

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