'Ramarjuna is my first attempt at playing a light character’

...says Nishvika Naidu, as she promises the audience a complete entertainer in Ramarjuna
'Ramarjuna is my first attempt at playing a light character’

Nishvika Naidu is perhaps one of those few actors who prefer to be seen less. “I would rather have it this way than be seen in a lot of films, and not get anything out of it,” says the actor, ahead of the release of her new film, Ramarjuna. “Even if I do one movie a year, I want my character to be remembered,” she adds.

Ramarjuna will be Nishvika’s next film after Gentleman, and it has her paired opposite Aniissh for the second time after Vaasu Naan Pakka Commercial. She says it was the role that prompted her to pick up this project. “I said yes the moment I was narrated my portions because the character I play this time is a little on the comic side, which will be the first such attempt from my end,” says Nishvika.

Throwing some light on her role, she adds,  “Everything she does is really funny, and even if she is trying to be smart, she ends up looking silly. The failing student who gets her way — that’s the role I play in Ramarjuna.”

Having worked with Aniissh in Vaasu Naan Pakka..., Nishika has seen the way he visualises a film. “I got to know that Aniissh is directing the film only later, as he kept it a secret from all of us till we reached the sets. However, even though he was just playing the lead in Vaasu Naan Pakka Commercial, I used to see him getting into other aspects of filmmaking. He would sit and explain my character to me, and also discuss the technicalities in detail. That Aniissh will be directing this film didn’t come as a surprise to me. And when I watched the rushes, I was like ‘Wow, he has met the expectations’,” she says, adding, “Secondly, our combination also worked in Vaasu..., and he picked me for this role in Ramarjuna thinking that I would do justice to it. Aniissh, in his first directorial, has made sure that every character gets equal space.”

Nishvika too likes to get involved in different aspects of filmmaking besides acting, but she rues that she does not get that opportunity. “We are called when the shot is ready and retreat after ‘cut’. However, during the making of Vaasu..., I did learn a lot from Aniissh and the art director. Everyone was at the table, and discussions were happening in front of us. I am keen to understand how everything works, and hope to learn the details if an opportunity arises,” she says.

Ramarjuna is a fun-filled story, with elements of thrill, comedy and family sprinkled equally, she tells us. “This is the first commercial film coming out in 2021. I have missed watching movies in theatres, and Ramarjuna, for me as well for every cine-goer, will be a thorough entertainer,” she says.

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