Nabha Natesh: I let my work do the talking for me

The actor, who was recently seen in iSmart Shankar speaks about her career choices, working with Ravi Teja on Disco Raja, and more in this candid interview
Nabha Natesh: I let my work do the talking for me

Nabha Natesh made her way into Telugu cinema with the Ravi Babu directorial, Adhigo. But it was her second film, Nannu Dochukunduvate, that brought her recognition, and her subsequent film, iSmart Shankar, starring Ram, became a big hit. The stupendous success of that film dramatically changed the perception around Nabha Natesh. She is now reckoned an actor with impressive abilities. Currently, she is awaiting the release of Disco Raja which marks her first collaboration with her favourite actor Ravi Teja. "I admire him a lot. I missed an opportunity to share screen space with him in the past and I am delighted to have worked with him in this film,” gushes Nabha as she speaks about her career choices and more in this candid interview.

Excerpts from the interview:

How has life changed after iSmart Shankar?

I am still the same person. My determination and confidence is the same too. I enjoy doing different cinema and never worry about the result. The success of iSmart Shankar was a pleasant surprise. Wherever I go, people call me Chandini and iSmart girl. It's amazing that people have given me that kind of love and appreciation. While Nannu Dochukunduvate presented me in a bubbly avatar, iSmart Shankar has shown what I am capable of as an actor. I am trying to reinvent myself with every film and trying to break the notion that I am only up for glamour roles. Above all, I let my work do the talking for me.

What appealed to you about Disco Raja?

It's definitely the story that made me take up this role. Although it has three heroines, everyone has got their space. Also, I watched director Vi Anand’s previous works and was kind of amazed by the way he gives a different spin to his stories. I love his story-telling, his characters, and the world he creates. Adding to that, the film has Ravi Teja, who has a unique sense of style and persona, in the lead role. It’s quite interesting to see how Anand tailored the story to suit the image of Ravi Teja. I couldn't have asked for anything better than doing this film with my favourite people.

Tell us about your role in Disco Raja.

I play a bank employee who is independent, fun-loving, emotional, and goal-oriented. I related to these characteristics quite a bit and felt that this role is close to my real-life persona. My character drives the film emotionally and has many layers to it. I am happy to have played a versatile and solid role at this stage of my career.

How was it working with Ravi Teja?

It has been an enriching and wholesome experience. He has a positive attitude and is full of energy and enthusiasm. He views life differently and always asked me not to worry about anything and just chill. We used to discuss a lot about food and cinema. Right from the regional content to international films and web series, we talked about almost everything. He watches a lot of web series and suggested that I watch Money Heist. I watched all the seasons and enjoyed it a lot.

Was it exciting to venture into the sci-fi thriller genre?

Disco Raja is a multi-genre film and has elements of thrill, sci-fi, comedy, and action, besides a distinct retro flavour. It was exciting to be a part of this whole set-up. I think Vi Anand deserves all the credit for coming up with an interesting film. As a director, he is instinctive and his perception is completely different from others. We used to talk about random things and end up cracking jokes. He doesn't command his actors but gives you freedom without any restrictions.

If you were given an opportunity to work in a web series, would you be ready to do it?

It depends on my film commitments and also upon whether I have something exciting to do in it. 

And your next projects?

I am doing two films, a romantic drama titled Solo Brathuke So Better, opposite Sai Tej, and an untitled film with Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas. I also have two more films in various stages of discussion. Including Disco Raja, I will have at least three releases this year. 

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