Anvar Sadik: Manoharam is about keeping up with the times

Writer-director Anvar Sadik opens up about his second film starring Vineeth Sreenivasan and Deepak Parambo
Anvar Sadik: Manoharam is about keeping up with the times

After playing a quirky teacher in the box office hit Thaneer Mathan Dinangal, Vineeth Sreenivasan returns in the upcoming Anvar Sadik directorial Manoharam, as an artist concerned about being outdated. Other familiar faces in the film include Deepak Parambol, Basil Joseph, Indrans, Ahamed Siddique, and Delhi Ganesh. The film’s title is a play on the name of Vineeth’s character, Manoharan.

Anvar, who has previously directed Vineeth in Ormayundo Ee Mukham, has directed the film from his own script, which is touted as a lighthearted comedy-drama set in Palakkad. “It speaks to talented artists who, after working and honing their skills with old tools, find themselves challenged in the face of new technology,” says Anvar. “As a result of this, jobs are not only gained but also lost. There is a section of artists who were celebrated in their respective fields at one point, but their reluctance to keep up with the times put them at a disadvantage. The same can be said of any field, especially filmmaking. People who had invested a major chunk of their time and energy in the familiar find it hard to adapt to the unfamiliar.”

Anvar, an Aluva native residing in Palakkad, says he based the film largely on people and situations he encountered in the place. “It tries to capture the mood of the place and its people. If you compare Palakkad to, say, Ernakulam, the progress is relatively slow. When it comes to pursuing opportunities, the youngsters in Palakkad don’t exude the same enthusiasm and ambition as those in Ernakulam, and this has affected their lives. Their setbacks will make them rethink their life choices and the steps they need to take to move forward,” he elaborates.

According to the director, the film will be relatable to not just unsuccessful individuals but also the ones who are doing well. “We all occasionally experience the feeling of being outdated and that's exactly what I wanted to tap into through my film. What are the steps one would take to overcome it? How much effort would one put in to make progress? I wanted to convey these feelings. Hopefully, audiences will connect to that.”

The script of Manoharam, he says, was developed after careful preparation and effort. “This concept was exciting to me as a writer and filmmaker. After Ormayundo Ee Mukham, I wanted to be more responsible and make a film that was of better quality and refreshing in terms of storytelling. I have approached it a bit more realistically than my first film.”

Deepak Parambol, who was last seen in Ormayil Oru Shishiram, will be playing a very significant character in the film, reveals Anvar. “Deepak’s character is a young man who comes from a financially sound family. There is an interesting dynamic between him and Vineeth’s character. Most of the character interactions in the film take place in the backdrop of work-related situations. Despite his fairly privileged background, Deepak’s character is also concerned about being outdated. I must mention that Deepak has performed his part exceptionally well. He is such a flexible but underrated actor. In this film, we have given him several moments that are mass and fun in equal measures. I have high expectations from him,” says Anvar.

Manoharam, produced by Jose Chakkalakkal and Sunil AK, is expected to hit theatres by the end of September.

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