Upendra's Buddhivantha 2 is launched; says he will be back soon as a director too

As Upendra’s next, Buddhivantha 2, starts rolling from May 27,  he talks about new-age directors and the changing vision of Sandalwood
Upendra's Buddhivantha 2
Upendra's Buddhivantha 2

When it comes to cinema, Upendra does it all - writing, acting, directing and producing. When it comes to acting in particular, he has a penchant for playing dual and triple characters as is evidenced in films like Hollywood, Superstar, Godfather and Upendra Matte Ba. With Buddhivantha 2, his next film, the actor goes back to familiar terrirtory as he plays a dual role yet again. The launch ceremony took place on Friday and the actor talked to CE about his upcoming film.

Buddhivantha 2 is directed by Maurya DN, a newcomer. On working with a debutant, he said, "Life throws up unexpected opportunities and we should grab them. Today, directors enter with fresh ideas and a new vision. Maurya is no exception. Buddhivantha 2 is an action thriller and Maurya’s interesting screenplay comes along with a message."

The polymath is back to the silver screen after a break of three years, whence he was actively involved in politics. "It is important for me to keep challenging myself in all spheres. As an actor,  I chose films with good screenplays to bring out the best in me. As director, it was the desire to do something new whilst standing behind the camera. As a politician, I wanted to bring about a change in society."

On his upcoming projects, Uppi shares that he has a project with Shashank lined up next. "The concept itself is unique. Listening to such a subject gave me the thrills."

As someone who has also directed a lot of films, the respect he has for them is immense. "As an artiste, I am with the team throughout the film but we always go by the director's vision of the character. At the end of the day, it’s the result of what the director presents that matters to the watching audience."

So any plans to direct again? “With politics on my mind, and elections taking centre stage, I couldn’t focus much on direction. Acting is way easier in that timeframe. Direction however needs my complete attention. But yes, I do have directorial plans and will announce once the film is ready to go on floors,"signs off Uppi.

Made under Crystal Paark Cinemas and produced by T R Chandrashekar, the shoot for Buddhivantha 2 begins from May 27. Meanwhile, the actor is awaiting the release of R Chandru's I Love You on June 14.

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