I don't mind doing commercial flicks: Farhaan Faasil

The actor is excited about teaming up with director Arun Kumar Aravind for his third film Underworld
I don't mind doing commercial flicks: Farhaan Faasil

It’s been a while since we saw Farhaan Faasil act. There was a three-year gap between his critically acclaimed debut in Rajeev Ravi’s Njan Steve Lopez and his second film Basheerinte Premalekhanam, which came out two years ago. He will be returning to the big screen through director Arun Kumar Aravind’s upcoming revenge action entertainer, Underworld, which will see him sharing the screen with Asif Ali, Samyuktha Menon, Jean Paul Lal, and Ketaki Narayan.

Farhaan says it’s exactly the kind of film he always wanted to be a part of. “I play a rough, and angry young man, and it is something I haven’t done before. It’s a pure thriller, a genre I enjoy a lot. I did Basheerinte Premalekhanam because I was floored by the script. But it’s suspense and mystery films that excite me the most.”

The actor met Arun Kumar Aravind while filming Basheerinte Premalekhanam. The two were supposed to collaborate on another film but that didn’t materialise. “Arun had me and Asif in mind for that story. When the film got dropped, he called me after a gap to discuss another story. Since I already knew Shibin Francis, the film's writer well, it made things easier. When he narrated the story, I got very excited. Arun and I share the same vision for Underworld.”

The film being a multi-starrer, Farhaan feels there is less pressure because he doesn’t have to carry it entirely on his shoulders.“I’ve always wanted to be part of a multi-starrer. All the films that came to me so far featured just one central character. But in a film like this, I don’t have to worry because the presence of someone like Asif will guarantee a significant footfall in addition to getting me the necessary exposure.”

On being asked if he has always been passionate about acting or if he harbours any directing ambitions like his father Fazil, Farhaan says, “I think, at this moment, acting suits me more. I’ve always been crazy about cinema, and I would like to direct a film at some point, but not soon. I want to study the industry and the intricacies of filmmaking first before setting out to do that. I also wish to start a production company once I’m financially secure. Right now, my focus is completely on acting and I’m enjoying the process.”

Farhaan tells us he and his brother Fahadh are dissimilar when it comes to their taste in films. “I don’t mind doing/watching commercial movies whereas he prefers realistic ones. Not that he doesn’t enjoy mainstream cinema, but I don’t think he would be interested in doing those and it’s already evident from the kind of work he has done so far.”

Asked if his brother advices him about work, he says, “He told me not to worry about success or failure and enjoy the work that comes my way instead, and go to sleep every night as a contented man.”

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