‘Slow ones stay in the race longer’

...says Lasya Nag, who will play her first solo lead in Yuvin’s directorial debut Mangalavara Rajadina
‘Slow ones stay in the race longer’

Bigg Boss contestant Lasya Nag had a slow start in the film industry. Her first film, which also starred Shraddha Srinath and Hitha Chandrashekar, was shelved after much work was done. While other contestants in the reality show got their big offers soon after, Lasya has had to wait. But, she says, she is happy to have waited since “slow and steady wins the race.” 

The actor, who is yet to see herself on the big screen, will play the lead in her fourth film Mangalavara Rajadina.

She also has a part in Asathoma Sadhgamya, in which she will be sharing screen space with Radhika Chetan, and plays important characters in Ambi Ning Vayassaytho and the Upendra-starrer Home Minister. But in Yuvin’s directorial debut, she will be playing the sole female lead and Lasya is visibly excited. 

Shooting for the film’s first schedule has been completed and she will be starting her portions from April 2. “Mangalavara Rajadina is an offbeat film,” she says. “It is not a commercial film, but the characters are entertaining; they are very interesting. The film is about a person’s journey and his achievements.” 

Lasya will not divulge the hero’s name, adding that the director will share that detail. “Yuvin has assisted directors such as Yogaraj Bhat before he set out on his on. He will be talking about the hero, and I don’t want to play spoilsport by sharing anything before that,”  she says. However, a source tells us, it is Chandan Achar of Kirik Party fame.
Lasya admits that she did fall behind in the race. Her best friend Samyuktha Hegde and close friends Shraddha Srinath and Sruthi Hariharan have made it big in the industry, and Lasya would have too, if all had gone well. 

“Shraddha Srinath, Hitha and I started off in a film together, two-and-a-half years ago. But it was shelved after nearly 60 per cent of the shoot was done,” she says. “Shraddha and Hitha got opportunities after that and I definitely felt the pressure to catch up. I did feel sorry for myself for a while,” she admits.

The young actor goes on to say, “But I believe that if you start slow, you can sustain in any path longer. I am happy about that. There was a time, I was depressed seeing everyone around me getting ahead, while I was going nowhere. It has been slow, but the journey has been good. It has kept me grounded. When you learn the hard way, the lessons stay with you.”

Bigg Boss gave her exposure, but she feels it did not give her “the right kind of projects.”

“I thought that I would be inundated with offers. I did get many, but they were not great. Many people would approach me to associate themselves with the name and fame that came with the show. They only wanted a prominent figure to play the lead. I realised that good projects take time to come and the wait has ended now,” she says.

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