'Abhiyum Anuvum is not a cliched romantic drama'

The film is a hard-hitting story of an urban couple, says director BR Vijayalakshmi
'Abhiyum Anuvum is not a cliched romantic drama'

Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum (Abhiyum Anuvum in Tamil) may be an intense love story, but its director BR Vijayalakshmi warns you against having any prejudices, lest you think it is a cliche-ridden romantic drama. She says the film, inspired by a Latin American story, is anything but the usual romantic fare. "This is one story with zilch prior reference. The story is the hero in Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum. And, most importantly, I want to clarify that this isn't a cancer story. Pia Bajpayee's bald look seems to have given everyone an idea that it is a cancer survivor's tale," says the cinematographer-turned-director.

Vijayalakshmi, Asia's first women cinematographer, says Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum is an urban love story that boasts of a wonderful onscreen chemistry between its lead pair. "The casting is the highlight. In fact, I was on a hunt for an actor who would suit a bilingual. That's how I stumbled onto Tovino Thomas in Guppy. His acting prowess impressed me and I knew he would be able to pull off Abhi. It was the same with Pia who was on a break from South Indian cinema. She has the charm, warmth and the talent to pull off a complex character like Anu," says Vijayalakshmi.

Though a bilingual, Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum isn't restricted by a language or location. "The film isn't set in a distinctly Tamil or Malayalam locale nor does it give off a clear Tamil or Malayalam flavour. The characters and the setting are relatable to anyone," she adds.

And, Vijayalakshmi enjoyed the challenge every bit. "When Saregama mooted the idea of socially-significant, realistic and hard-hitting cinema, a bilingual was on the cards. That's when I took over this project. While working on the film, we didn't have any reference. I just had the story but had no idea of the emotions and feelings underlining it. So, it was a challenge to explore the different facets of every character," says the director.

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