Malashree drops her action-heroine image

The actress is losing weight and is going for a leaner look for her next, a horror-thriller; she says sheplans to maintain this new avatar
Malashree drops her action-heroine image

Malashree has been reigning over Kannada moviegoers’ hearts for decades now. The Nanjundi Kalyanai actress is the only one who has held on to the action-heroine title for so long. So, her latest svelte avatar has come as a surprise. Her appearance at a recent event caught everyone’s attention, and she was showered with compliments for her lean look. CE caught up with the actress, over a telephonic conversation, and she shares what brought on this new her.

She says, “I am going to play a character which is different from my usual, and this required me to lose my boy cut and opt for a more feminine appearance. This will be an interesting horror-thriller movie and I will be in a role I have never played before. At present, discussions are on and you can expect an official announcement once all the terms are finalised.”

The actress, who is waiting for Uppu Hulli Khara to release, is equally excited about her transformation.

“Since I was working on many action movies, I built my body to suit them,” she says. “I had to be seen as someone who would stay unshaken even when attacked by ten people or when jumping over cars. I wanted to be true to the character I was playing. After many action movies, I thought it is time to change my look and the kind of roles I do.”

Though her characters will still take on social injustices, from now it will be done more with intelligence and staying ‘feminine’. She says, “A college girl in chudhidhar or a woman in a saree can also fight for their rights, and it doesn’t have to be always with the fist. You can be a fighter using your mind and I want to explore such characters in my next films.”

She says that it is not just about losing kilos, but also about keeping fit. “I used to work out rigorously for a character and then relax, unconcerned about putting on kilos,” she says, adding, “But now, my new look is about maintaining a physique for long with more exercise, especially cardio and without dieting. I keep walking all the time, even when I am on a phone call.”

Malashree says that she has been on this new routine for the last three months and she has noticed a “tremendous change” in herself. “Infact I took a break before I do my next movie and I want the Kannada audience to see something new from my end,” she says. “I am sure the Kannada audience will love this whole new avatar,” she signs off.

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