Dia movie review
Dia movie review

Dia movie review: Director Ashoka delivers a heart-warming, unique love story

Dia, directed by KS Ashoka and out just ahead of Valentine’s Day, is all about expressing love without saying the words
Rating:(4 / 5)

The very fact that director KS Ashoka is the man behind Dia makes it attractive. Ashoka, who gained fame with his debut venture, the horror movie, 6-5=2, experiments with romance in Dia. Though not a horror film, the movie will still have you gasping for breath in a few scenes. Watching Dia is sure to remind you of this quote often seen on the back of taxis and autos - ‘Love is slow poison’. 

Director: K S Ashoka
Cast: Kushi, Prithvi Ambar, Deekshit Shetty and Pavithra Lokesh 

The story revolves around a biotech student, Dia Swaroop, a total introvert, who is involved in a near-fatal accident. She is told by her uncle that her boyfriend, Rohit (Deekshit Shetty), an M Tech graduate, whom she was head over heels in love with in college, and to whom she could express her love only after three years, is no more. 

A depressed Dia, nursing thoughts like ‘life is full of problems and pain’, shifts from Mumbai to Bengaluru for some change, and accidentally meets Adi (Prithvi Ambar), a free-spirited youth, who believes ‘life is all about miracles and surprises’. Adi often addresses her as Dia Soup, and after some initial hiccups, they become good friends, which helps her forget past wounds. Dia gets a second chance at love and life.

A day then comes when Dia decides to shift back to Mumbai, and here Adi faces the issue of expressing his love for Dia. Circumstances decide how they take forward their life together, when a shocking truth comes to fore. Dia learns that Rohit is still alive. A roller-coaster ride begins when Dia has to decide whether to stick with Rohit, who is her parents’ choice, or take forward her life with Adi. The plot comes with a lot of twists and turns, and concludes with a completely unexpected climax.

Ashoka, who has built an audience thanks to his first film, is sure to double it with Dia. With a skillfully-told love story — one that is not generic — the director creates a unique kind of euphoria with heartbreaks. He is confident in his storytelling, and the emotions of love, conveyed mostly through the three characters, are riveting. Ashoka, who is also the writer, keeps the film conversation-based. The narration is brisk, and every episode, which brings out the deepest feelings through various characters, is fresh and bouncy.

Even though the film doesn’t have songs, Dia is still a musical love story thanks to the background score by Ajaneesh Lokanath. In fact, the music itself becomes a character in the film. Cinematographers Vishal Vittal and Sourabh Waghmare add that perfect tone and perfectly capture the colourful and gloomy proceedings of love.

Another strength of Dia is the cast’s great performance. The film only features a few characters, but everyone, including Kushi, Deekshit Shetty, Prithvi Ambar, and Pavithra Lokesh, has managed to give their best. The entire cast and crew have brought out the significance of the story, and keep it close to reality.

Scenes like the beautiful moment between Dia and Rohit in the elevator and how Rohit conveys his love to Dia through his sketches are unique. The meeting of Adi and Dia is interesting too. It happens when the latter, who is depressed and lost in her world, doesn’t realise that her bag has been taken away by a thief. Adi runs to get the bag, only to learn from Dia that she is not interested in getting it back.

The way Adi and Dia express their love for each other, is told less through words and more with emotions. That a mother can be your best friend too, is portrayed through the bonding between Adi and his mother, whom he calls by her name, Lucky. The latter also finds happiness by gifting her son the best. The way Adi conveys the love for his mother in a letter, and the only time he addresses her as ‘amma’ is one of the most heartwarming episodes of Dia.

The director brings out both the euphoria of falling in love as well as the depth and impact of heartbreak, making the film a must-watch. Dia is a love story takes you on a roller coaster ride. And a railway track too has an unusual tale to narrate, and the climax makes everyone's heart skip a beat.

Dia, which is out ahead of Valentine’s Day, is all about expressing love in a thousand ways, without even mentioning it through the three words. For all those looking to propose to their loved ones, the film gives an easy tip.

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