Usire Usire Movie Review: A lacklustre film that gasps for quality

Usire Usire Movie Review: A lacklustre film that gasps for quality

The film follows the intertwined lives of two families from different religious backgrounds
Usire Usire(2 / 5)

Usire Usire comes on the screen with delayed anticipation, yet manages to pique curiosity as it welcomes back cricketer-turned-actor and Bigg Boss Kannada contestant Rajeev, alongside a guest appearance by none other than star Kichcha Sudeep. A film that transcends caste boundaries and adds a valuable climax rooted in a real-life incident, will this promise a breath of fresh air?

Director : CM Vijay
Cast: Rajeev, Srijita Ghosh, Ali, Brahmanandam,
Manju Pavagada,  Rajesh Nataranga, Tara, Sadhu Kokila, and Devaraj

Set against the backdrop of middle-class life where caste is but a faint whisper, the film follows the intertwined lives of two families from different religious backgrounds. Manu (Rajeev Hanu) and Saira Bhanu (Srijita Ghosh) defy societal norms with their childhood friendship, only to be separated by circumstances when Saira moves to a different town with her parents.
Fifteen years later, Manu finds himself entangled in the complexities of love upon reuniting with Saira Bhanu in college. Though Manu initially faces hiccups, his romance with Saira Bhanu blossoms, but against the parent’s wishes, leading them to elope and start afresh. However, their happiness is short-lived when Manu discovers Saira’s severe heart condition.

The film raises questions about the endurance of childhood innocence and the sacrifices made for love. As Manu struggles to save his beloved, the narrative crescendos to a climax based on real events, with Sudeep adding value to the film with his emphatic performance.

Despite its promising premise, Usire Usire falters in writing and execution. The director loses the plot early on, leaving crucial scenes and character developments disjointed. While Rajeev shines in action sequences, his portrayal lacks depth. Due to a lack of clear vision, the sequences involving Rajeev, which feel repetitive, become tedious to watch and test our patience. Srijita Ghosh’s performance feels out of sync with the rooted flavour that the film was going for.

Guest appearances by noted Telugu actors Ali and Brahmanandam add little substance, while attempts by Manju Pavagada at humour fall flat, especially his attempts at physical humour, with exaggerated body language. The performances of the rest of the actors including Rajesh Nataranga, Sadhu Kokila, Devaraj, Suchendra Prasad  and Tara go unnoticed.

Except for the climax and Sudeep’s blink-and-miss appearance, with a poignant message, Usire Usire falls short of its potential, delivering a tedious watch marred by inconsistencies. Even with an emotional core, the poor execution leaves a lot of the film’s potential untapped.

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