Case of Kondana Movie Review: An intriguing crime mystery that keeps you guessing

Case of Kondana Movie Review: An intriguing crime mystery that keeps you guessing

Equally notable is Bhavana’s performance, and here, Director Devi Prasad Shetty’s admiration for the actor comes to the fore, reflected in her well-defined role
Rating:(3 / 5)

What lures audiences into the heart of a suspenseful investigative thriller? It’s the promise of an exhilarating journey fueled by the delicate interplay of storytelling and outstanding performances. With Devi Prasad Shetty steering the ship, alongside a few good performers by a couple of actors, Case of Kondana takes an unexpected detour, shattering any preconceived notions from the start. As we delve into the core of the narrative, the excitement builds and it the film delivers what it sets out for.

Cast: Vijay Raghavendra, Bhavana Menon, Rangyana Raghu, and Raju Balawadi
Director: Devi Prasad Shetty

While director Devi Sriprasad Shetty reunites almost the same squad from his debut, Seetharam Benoy, known for its investigative thrills, and welcomes Bhavana Menon and Rangayana Raghu to the principal cast. Case of Kondana isn’t a mere continuation but a standalone film. Let’s peel back the layers of this mystery tale, where each twist and turn carries weight, revealing a narrative that intricately blends crime, love, and the complexities of human relationships. All of this unfolds against the backdrop of the fictional town of Kondana, nestled in the outskirts of Bengaluru.

Now, what makes the Case of Kondana a must-watch? It’s not your usual cat-and-mouse chase where the police pursue the culprit. In this film, the script takes a unique turn – the police officer himself becomes the suspect. The intrigue lies in unravelling why he’s in this predicament and how he navigates the dual shades. Is he genuinely guilty, or are circumstances pushing him towards a path of wrongdoing? The film questions the fairness of judgment and explores the biases that may come into play. Let’s explore this mysterious narrative that challenges the conventional and promises an immersive experience like no other.

In a rare example of a story with multiple links, the entire episode takes place in one night, and the town itself plays a significant role, unfolding its secrets and dynamics of the plot. ASI Wilson (Vijay Raghavendra), highly recommended by his seniors, started working at Chamarajpet Police Station. ACP Lakshmi (Bhavana Menon) and her team are on the trail of a gang involved in residential burglary. Despite being new, Wilson wasn’t initially part of the case. However, he gets caught up in a clash with the same troublesome gang that also has conflicts with Lakshmi. Adding to the complexity, Lakshmi’s father (Rangayana Raghu), also a police officer, and the death of a roadside pani puri vendor, Raju, become central to the actual Case of Kondana. There’s an interlink between these cases, with a few other deaths, and the operation involves plenty of procedural details, bringing unexpected twists that keep you on edge.

What makes Wilson get involved in the case, and his intriguing cat-and-mouse game within the department, keeps the audience glued to their seats. While some moments are expected, unexpected twists keep it engaged. The director’s skills shine, particularly in maintaining intensity in action sequences without resorting to excessive bloodshed or exaggeration. Teaming up with Devi Prasad Shetty is Jogi’s screenplay, delivering a real, dark, and engaging experience. The well-crafted background score by Gagan Baderiya, along with the cinematography by Vishwajit Rao, especially the aerial view captures the essence of Kondana, and artwork by Bhavani Shankar plays a crucial role in narrating activities and preventing the film from becoming dull.

Devi Prasad Shetty excels in creating a gripping atmosphere, seamlessly intertwining multiple storylines within the plot contributing to the complexity of the case;   Despite a few predictable moments, the overall strength of the film shines through in its robust performances. However, attention should have been given to the film’s length and the climax by Devi Prasad Shetty, as it seems to come with loose ends.

The film’s strength is undoubtedly its strong performances. Vijay Raghavendra’s portrayal of Wilson earns applause, presenting a character distinct from the conventional cop roles played by him. This character requires him to navigate the thin line between right and wrong, and he delivers it so accurately.

Equally notable is Bhavana’s performance, and here, Director Devi Prasad Shetty’s admiration for the actor comes to the fore, reflected in her well-defined role. Her character is authoritative yet an empathetic presence as ACP Lakshmi, contributing to the film’s storyline. They have the best support coming from Rangayana Raghu and Raja Balawadi in the ensemble.

Raju, the panipuri seller, and his family add a poignant layer to the narrative with his struggles, connecting the characters on a deeper, human level. The film establishes a strong connection between Wilson and Sahana, a doctor played by Kushi Ravi, adding relatability beyond their romantic relationship. In this serious film, there’s no room for humour except for a couple of songs, which might not linger, but the story will undoubtedly endure, bringing justice to the narrative. Fans of suspense-thriller genres will undoubtedly find Case Of Kondana to their liking.

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