Siri Lambodara Vivaha Movie Review: A refreshing tale, engaging in parts

The film has a refreshing story to explore, but falls short on the execution
Siri Lambodara Vivaha Movie Review: A refreshing tale, engaging in parts

Debutant filmmakers are evolving over the years and taking chances with their content and characters. Actor Sourabh Kulkarni who has helmed Siri Lambodara Vivaha, comes from a teleserial background and is particularly known for his comedy roles.

Siri Lambodara Vivaha (SLV) is an honest attempt from the first-time director. It is a melodrama that narrates the story of wedding planners. The light-hearted story has two not-so-famous youngsters playing the leads. Sanjay and Leela, (Anjan A Bharadwaj and Disha Ramesh) know each other since their childhood days. Growing up together, we see them indulge in a love-hate relationship. They are friends, but always at loggerheads with each other. Interestingly, both end up becoming wedding planners.

Director: Sourabh Kulkarni

Cast: Anjan A Bharadwaj, Disha Ramesh, Rajesh Naaranga, and Sundar Veena

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Politicians (Rajesh Nataranga and Sundar Veena) from the opposite parties become relatives as their daughter Siri and son Lambodhara get ready to tie the knot. This brings together Sanjay and Leela, who agree to work as a team up only to elevate their respective start-ups.

Unfortunately, the wedding gets cancelled midway, and the twist comes when the police arrive. The film shifts to being a thriller when Rs 100 crores come into the picture, which is said to be involved in a game by the politicians and a Guruji. How the money creates an impact on the lives of the wedding planners, Sanjay and Leela, and in turn, their relationship forms the crux. 

Sourabh Kulkarni had a refreshing story to explore, but his execution needed more effort. No doubt, he is competent with his filmmaking and handles the humour and melodrama with ease, but somehow the film keeps giving us the feel of a small screen production. The director should have done a better job with the thriller episodes, which could have become the selling point of SLV. The film is indeed an interesting attempt, but it could have been more.

Anjan Bharadwaj, who also comes from serials has done a good job, but he needs to work harder to suit the silver screen. Disha Ramesh delivers a decent performance. Joining them are Rajesh Nataranga, and Sundar Veena, who deliver decent performances. SLV is entertaining but in parts.

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