Drishya 2 Movie Review: The truth, lies, and everything in between
Drishya 2 Movie Review: The truth, lies, and everything in between

Drishya 2 Movie Review: The truth, lies, and everything in between

Drishya 2 is a faithful remake that is still fresh for Kannada audiences
Rating:(3 / 5)

Though the number of multilingual films is on the rise, there is no dearth of filmmakers wanting to do quality remakes. The Drishyam series is a good example. Ever since the Malayalam sequel, Drishyam 2, was released, there were huge expectations for director P Vasu’s Kannada remake of the film. If asked whether Crazy Star Ravichandran version of Drishyam 2 manages to match the original Mohanlal-starrer? The answer is: Yes, to a large extent.

In Drishya (2014), Rajendra Ponnappa (Ravichandran) with his small family, was leading a happy life. An untoward incident puts on the radar of the police. The first part of the film was about outsmarting the law and cops to keep his family safe. Now, the case gets reopened and the sequel is all about if Rajendra Ponnappa can pull it off again. The film kicks off at a slow pace, and we see Rajendra Ponnappa, a rich theatre owner, who is aspiring to become a film producer. He is seen working on a story along with Vijay Shankar (Anant Nag).

Director: P Vasu

Cast: V. Ravichandran, Navya Nair, Aarohi Narayan, Unnathi, Anant Nag, Lasya Nagaraj, and Pramod Shetty

On the other hand, his wife’s conservative mindset hasn’t changed. She is extra concerned about her family and her two daughters. And top of it, she is now also worried about her husband’s new drinking habits. Rajendra Ponappa, who is trying to balance his cable business, his passion to become a producer, makes sure that his family is protected. He is watchful and aware of how the perception of the neighbourhood of his family has changed. Things get intense when the police get a breakthrough in the murder case.

Yet, again Rajendra Ponnappa does everything in his power to save his family. The film is high on emotions and thrilling at the same time. The climax might have brought relief to Rajendra Ponnappa but there is a hint that there might be in the universe of Drishya.

Director P Vasu retains the original flavour. He has only changed the place, actors, and atmosphere to match the Kannada nativity, and the running time cut short by 6 minutes. Ravichandran retains the charm of Rajendra Ponnappa in the sequel as well. Even though he is aware that the character is played by many leading stars in their respective industry, the Kannada star brings his individuality to the character.

Navya Nair, who scorches a good screen space along with the hero, has also given out a neat performance. The other supporting actors Aarohi Narayan, Unnathi, Anant Nag, Asha Sarath, Prabhu, and Pramod Shetty have justified their respective characters. Shivaram, Lasya Nagaraj, and Sampath also play crucial roles in the film. A tense narrative is made lighter with Sadhu Kokila’s comedy.

Drishya 2 is a faithful remake but it is still fresh for Kannada audiences, who can experience it in theatres. Drishya 2, which overall belongs to Ravichandran, makes for a good family outing.

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