Tanya Hope makes a Kannada comeback with Indrajith Lankesh’s Gowri

The actor will be part of a special song alongside debutant Samarjit Lankesh
Tanya Hope makes a Kannada comeback with Indrajith Lankesh’s Gowri

Tanya Hope, the actor who shot to fame in the Kannada film industry with her role in the Darshan-starrer Yajamana, particularly for her song sequences ‘Bassanni’, later worked in films like Amar, Khaki, and Home Minister. However, Tanya, who has been expanding her horizons in various languages, is making a return to Kannada cinema once again, this time for a promotional song in director Indrajith Lankesh’s upcoming film, Gowri, where she will be seen dancing alongside debutant Samajit Lankesh. “Sir asked me to join, and I readily agreed. I didn’t overthink it,” says Tanya, “Even though my primary focus is on acting and portraying diverse characters when it comes to dance, I’m naturally drawn to it. I’m excited to be part of another exciting song.”

When asked about her absence from Kannada cinema, Tanya remarks, “I haven’t been getting the right kind of roles, and perhaps my absence contributed to that. So, I saw this as an opportunity to reestablish myself in the industry and contribute to a good film.”

Interestingly, Tanya is also involved in another special project, a song paying tribute to the late Puneeth Rajkumar, which will be released on the actor’s birth anniversary (March 17). “It’s going to be a heartfelt tribute, and we’ve already begun rehearsals,” she shares.

On the film front, Tanya was recently seen in the Tamil film Ranam Aram Thavarel, and her multilingual film Weapon is set to hit screens in March. “Every industry I’ve worked in has been welcoming and has provided me with opportunities,” Tanya reflects, “Each experience has been invaluable in shaping my craft. I’m grateful for the chance to work across languages—it’s helped me grow as an artist and understand different audiences. I just want to keep learning and evolving with each project.”

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