Darshan: Enough of playing good, I’m a bad boy now

The Challenging Star teases about his transformation for Prakash Veer’s Devil-The Hero
Darshan: Enough of playing good, I’m a bad boy now

The first look of actor Darshan from his upcoming film Devil - The Hero, was unveiled recently on the occasion of his birthday. Directed by Prakash Veer, the adrenaline-pumping 2-minute teaser introduces us to Darshan’s character, portrayed in a bold and badass avatar.

With a dapper new haircut, clad in a fiery red ensemble, shades on, and cigar in hand, Darshan commands attention as he faces off against his foes with effortless charisma.

The scene begins with an intense vibe but swiftly transforms into a display of devilish charm and offbeat antics, showcasing Darshan’s dynamic range. Set against a backdrop of opulence, we witness the Devil unleashing his wrath upon those who dare to cross him, painting a vivid picture of his unyielding and formidable persona.

“We have a little baby at home. This baby doesn’t like it when people take pictures of him. When the baby gets angry, he breaks the camera of the person who clicked his picture. Sarsu, would you like to know the baby’s name?” Darshan quips with a deep voice, followed by the crack of a gunshot, as he introduces himself as Devil in the teaser.

The pulsating beats of B Ajaneesh Loknath’s music add to the allure of the first look teaser, leaving fans clamouring for more. While the title and Darshan’s suave appearance hint at his portrayal of an antagonist, the tagline - The Hero - suggests a deeper layer to his character, hinting at the possibility of him playing a dual role in the film. However, director Mailana Prakash remains tight-lipped about the character details.

Speaking with CE, Darshan opens about his transformative approach to portraying the role for Devil. “From Majestic to Kaatera, I’ve always strived to inhabit diverse characters and embody unique body language. In Devil, I embrace the role of a Casanova, a true renegade. Enough of playing the good guy, I’m a bad boy in Devil, and I can pull this off with ease. I intend to breathe life into this character like never before,” he teases with a chuckle.

As the makers finalise the star-studded cast, cinematographer Sudhakar S Raj joins the technical team.  Devil marks the second collaboration between director Prakash Veer and Darshan. 

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