I eagerly anticipate playing a possessed character: Ramesh Aravind

Ramesh Aravind is set to collaborate once again with director Akash Srivatsa for their third project. This time, they are venturing into the world of the horror genre
I eagerly anticipate playing a possessed character: Ramesh Aravind

Ramesh Aravind and Akash Srivatsa, known for their successful collaboration in Shivaji Surathkal 1 and 2 are coming together again for their third film, titled Daiji. This marks Ramesh Aravind's 106th project. Ravi Kashyap, an entrepreneur with a record of producing films like Sulle Sathya, Pawan Kumar's Lucia, and Dhananjay's Badmaash will be bankrolling the project under the Vibha Kashyap Productions banner.

According to the creators, Daiji carries different meanings in various languages. While it signifies blood relations in one language, in Japanese, it symbolises a matter of great concern, and in Chinese, it means 'to stand by'. However, the director sees Daiji as a universal theme that can resonate with multilingual audiences, hence the plan to release it in multiple languages.

The story for Daiji has been penned by Abhijith YR and director Akash Srivatsava, who previously wrote the Shivaji Surathkal series, and is said to be based on real-life incidents narrated to them by producer Ravi Kashyap.

Ramesh Aravind is happy to embark on a journey with a horror subject. He explains, "My theory for Daiji is that everyone has their fears. There might be fear of commitment, or the fear of public speaking, which is a common thread. However, the most prevalent fear is the fear of the supernatural, something beyond our comprehension. What would an ordinary man or a family man do in such a situation? This is something that will be explored in Daiji," he says.

Expressing his desire to diversify into various genres, Ramesh Aravind mentions his previous work in horror, including Apathamitra and the upcoming Bhairadevi. "I eagerly anticipate the challenge of playing a possessed character and hope Daiji will provide that opportunity," he signs off.

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