Pruthvi Ambaar: Every role gives opportunity to explore uncharted territories within oneself

The actor expresses his excitement about celebrating the fourth anniversary of Dia’s release. He also discusses his upcoming film, Juni, and two more films scheduled for release this month 
Pruthvi Ambaar: Every role gives opportunity to explore uncharted territories within oneself

Looks like the month of February belongs to Pruthvi Ambaar! The actor, marking four years since the release of Dia on February 7 (2020), a film that propelled his popularity, is now looking forward to the release of three consecutive films. Kicking things off, he has Juni hitting screens on February 9, followed by Matysagandha and For Regn, all hitting the theatres in the same month.

“Today, whatever Dia has bestowed upon me has helped me come this far, and have filmmakers approaching me with unique roles. Without a doubt, Dia continues to fetch me fame,” says Pruthvi, who mentions that he always chooses films for a specific reason. “Take, for example, Sugarless, a film delving into the lives of diabetic patients, and Dooradarshana, which explores the value of television in the 80s. I am always in search of something in each subject.”

Speaking of Juni, he remarks, “There’s a slight familiarity of my character in Dia, which can be seen in Juni. Those who liked that will relate to Partha, my character, but not entirely. Though the story is different, the way the director has told it, the backdrop, and visuals might evoke nostalgia and will have the audience connect with my character in Dia,” he explains.

Similar to Dia, where the titular role was played by the female lead Juni also is the name of heroine’s character. “But actually, the story revolves around Partha, who narrates the story of Juni to the audience. This was the director’s vision, which I found to be a brave move from a first-timer. Narrating this story of Juni felt like reading a book. Vaibhav Mahadev has used techniques like breaking the fourth wall, and the concept of romancing a girl with a disorder, is executed beautifully,” he says.

Pruthvi Ambaar plays the role of a Chef in Juni. “I don’t cook at all, and this is the first time I got into culinary skills. The director and team helped me handle the cooking part. There’s a self-realisation journey through this character amidst his journey as a cook. The director wants to make a point about how such conditions arise, and that people with such conditions are not harmful,” says Pruthvi, who also mentions how he went about handling the role of Partha. “I had to play a character, which is confused for most parts, which was pretty close to my own self during the beginning of the film. Then he is exposed to all new layers in the narrative. I had to be as clueless as possible and be in that moment.”

Pruthvi Ambaar, often hailed as a lover or next-door boy, challenges this perception, signalling a shift with Matsyagandha. As he aptly puts it, “Every role is an adventure, an opportunity to explore uncharted territories within oneself.”

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