Jaggesh: I am keeping myself updated to connect with all age audiences

The veteran actor, who is back to entertaining the audience with this week’s comedy entertainer Raghavendra Stores talks about the film 
Jaggesh: I am keeping myself updated to connect with all age audiences
Jaggesh: I am keeping myself updated to connect with all age audiences

Actor Jaggesh has a special connection with Raghavendra Stores. The ardent devotee of Raghavendra attributes the title to his favourite God. “It is not just another name to me, I value it as much as heartbeat,” he says with a warm smile.

Known for his splendid acting, Jaggesh has never failed to keep us in splits with every film of his. He believes in entertaining his audience instead of making them go through hard emotions. “Audiences will always connect with films that have a light-hearted mood and effective and situational comedy. As an actor, my motive is to entertain my viewers and make sure they leave with a smile on their faces. I am confident that I will achieve that once again with Raghavendra Stores,” says Jaggesh, as he adds that director Santhosh Ananddram, who has penned the script has opted for a realistic approach and the film will be relatable to every member of the family.

Raghavendra Stores, which is slated to release this week, explores the story of a man who gets married late and faces a lot of consequences because of his decision. “It is indeed a sensitive and serious issue, but we have interlaced it with ample humour. The real conflict of Raghavendra Stores begins after marriage, and how the lead pair find their common ground and build a happy family tells the rest of the story with an important message at the end,” says Jaggesh, who believes that the female viewers will have a lot to cherish after watching the film. “They might even wish to have a husband, like my character Hayavadana in Raghavendra Stores. That’s how beautiful Santhosh has sketched the character of the protagonist.”
Navarasa Nayaka shares that the final act of the film will move the audience to tears. “Though the film mostly runs on comedy, the last 20 minutes will make everybody cry. Director Santhosh Anandnra has beautifully woven a story in the backdrop of Malnad. The mesmerising cinematography by Shreesha Kuduvalli, beautiful music by Ajaneesh Loknath and the ample support by Hombale Films has elevated the film to the league of classics.”

Jaggesh, as a parting statement, says that he only wants to get better with age, experience, and transition. “Just like every fan out there, I also agree that an actor should change according to the times. I can never be stagnant and I always make sure to be updated. I have a research team, who keep updating me on the latest trends, stories and what the audience like watching.

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