Bigg Boss is more than just a side project; it’s my second home: Sudeep

The multilingual actor  will be hosting the 10th season of Bigg Boss Kannada
Bigg Boss is more than just a side project; it’s my second home: Sudeep

Kichcha Sudeep, currently occupied with the shooting of his multilingual film, Max, is all set to make his comeback as the host of the 10th season of Bigg Boss Kannada and this is a significant milestone in his television career. This season, beginning on October 8, brings a captivating theme - ‘Happy Bigg Boss’ into the spotlight. Expressing his thoughts on this milestone, Sudeep shared, “I began my journey with Bigg Boss Kannada in Season 1, and now, it’s been a fantastic decade. This show is more than just a side project; it’s my second home! Meeting new personalities and experiencing the diverse characters they bring to the show is a true joy. With the grandest Bigg Boss house ever, a unique theme, and exciting surprises in store, this season promises to be my most engaging entertainment endeavour yet.”

The new season of Bigg Boss Kannada welcomes 16 diverse contestants from various backgrounds. Adding an intriguing twist to the season is the inclusion of Charlie, the adorable dog who gained fame in Rakshit Shetty’s film 777 Charlie, directed by Kiran Raj. The film won a National Award. Charlie is expected to steal the spotlight as a contestant in the Bigg Boss house, with all necessary permissions obtained from the Animal Board for the pet’s participation.

With a record-breaking 73 cameras capturing every move, the new Bigg Boss house, located on the outskirts of the city, claims the title of the largest house across all language formats. Prashanth Nayak, Business Head of Colors Kannada, highlighted the significance of this season, stating, “This season marks major milestones. Firstly, it’s our 10th anniversary so we have infused celebratory vibes into every aspect of the show. Secondly, we’re introducing a theme for the first time, adding a new dimension to the contestants’ experience.

Addressing concerns about the show being scripted, Sudeep said, “The show is unscripted, and my reactions are authentic, reflecting the contestants and situations. If it were scripted, many aspects, including weekly eliminations and the winner, could be manipulated. Just like the viewers, I too am completely unaware of who the contestants are, who will get eliminated, and who will win.”

Regarding contestants facing criticism on social media for their eccentric behaviour, Sudeep remarked “While some may question and troll certain contestants, it’s essential to remember that it’s not the right way to react. Under the law, individuals convicted of a crime are released after serving a sentence. Just because a contestant faced trolling for their actions, we should not treat them inhumanely.” Sudeep also shared insights into his fitness routine and appearance, revealing that he consumes only two meals a day, snacks on fruits in between, and diligently dedicates two hours to daily workouts.

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