'Our friendship started because of mutual admiration for each other's work'

... says couple Harirprriya and Vasishta Simha, who share screen space for the first time in Ashok Teja's directorial, Yadha Yadha Hi, which sees its release this week
'Our friendship started because of mutual admiration for each other's work'

Hariprriya and Vasishta Simha, who are now a couple, claim to be good critics of each other. Their friendship started because of mutual admiration for each other’s work. The duo share screen space for the first time in Ashok Teja’s directorial, Yadha Yadha Hi. Hariprriya reveals that she took up the film solely because of the script, while Vasishta states that he picked up the film because of his love for his wife, Hariprriya.

While both actors compliment each other, Vasishta, who is an actor and a good singer, teaches singing to Hariprriya, and in turn, he learns to dance from her. In a conversation with CE, they share their experience working together in Yadha Yadha Hi, their future projects, and their way forward.
Despite giving importance to stories and her role, Hariprriya reveals that she initially had reservations about taking up the project, “I was hesitant because some scenes demanded intimacy, and if Vasishta hadn’t agreed, I might have declined the project. I thank him for taking on the project,” she says.
Vasishta, on the other hand, believes that when an artiste of Hariprriya’s calibre is involved, she needs full support to pull it off with ease. “We took a conscious decision to do the film and capturing romance when in love was fun,” he says.

Yadha Yadha Hi is a remake of the Telugu film Yavaru, which itself was a remake of the Bollywood film Badla which is inspired by a Spanish flick Contratiempo. Vasishta mentions that he doesn’t believe in scene-by-scene remakes. He believes that an inspired film should have a connection and blend with the local culture and nativity, especially in terms of characters and treatment. “Since I had previously worked with the director in a Telugu hit film called Odela Railway Station,I had the opportunity to contribute to the film right from the script, says the actor, as he explains that the remakes are fading with the trend of pan-India films. “The vitality and importance of a script will be known when it is rewritten and adapted well to the local language and culture.”

Regarding their roles in Yadha Yadha Hi, Hariprriya mentions that every character in the film feels real, and each actor has something significant to offer. Vasishta adds that the lead characters have negative aspects, creating a blend of human emotions and joyous characteristics.

The two discuss their working experience in Yadha Yadha Hi, and Hariprriya states that they maintained a professional approach on set and behaved like colleagues, even though they were in a romantic relationship. Vasishta adds that their experience as actors, with over 40 movies under their belt, speaks for itself.

Hariprriya who shares screen space with Diganth, says she  never imagined him playing a cop, and he pulled off the role very well. Vasishta notes that Diganth even though donning a Khaki, brings out his mischievous side and humour, blending it well with the character.

When asked about the possibility of working together again in future projects, both actors express their openness to collaborate if the script demands it. “I am particular to work in subjects that give equal prominence to both of us as actors and offer something fresh and unique,” says Hariprriya, who is currently on a break, and is searching for an offer she cannot reject. “We have received many scripts after our engagement and are considering them,” adds Vasishta.

When asked about their favourite roles, Hariprriya mentions that she fell in love with Vasishta’s role in Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu and that has been one of his best performances to date. Vasishta says most of Hariprriya’s films are character-oriented and she delivers them with ease, and he admires her on screen. “I am not a fan of women being typecasted, and that’s a personal commitment I’ve made. I particularly enjoyed her performance in Ricky, where she portrayed dual shades.”

Coming back to Yadha Yadha Hi, the subject has been tested and proven due to its potential. “ The film aims to highlight the thrilling experience and create emotionally blended sequences that make it relatable. It is engaging, beautiful, and technically rich. Our goal is to provide engagement and entertainment through the movie. We watched the film a few days ago, and it has turned out well,” sums up Vasishta.

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