Jagapathi Babu: After Kaatera, I’m sure Tharun will go to the next level

The actor will be seen as the antagonist Devaraya in Tharun Kishore Sudhir's upcoming Darshan-starrer, Kaatera
Jagapathi Babu: After Kaatera, I’m sure Tharun will go to the next level

Multilingual actor Jagapathi Babu is currently juggling various industries and eagerly anticipating the release of his films in multiple languages. With Salaar set for release this week and Guntur Karam alongside Mahesh Babu in January, he’s looking ahead to Kaatera in Kannada, which will be released on December 29. In between all these films, he also has a Hindi film coming out in February. Despite his busy schedule, he humorously refers to himself as a ‘Poor Rich’ man due to substantial time lost during film delays. “I have big films, but they don’t release on time, so most of them are unpaid holidays. I’ve lost 300 days due to postponements, and that’s why I call myself a ‘Poor Rich’ man,” he chuckles.

Kaatera marks his third Kannada film after Bachchan and Roberrt, and it’s his second collaboration with actor Darshan and Tharun Kishore Sudhir. Jagapathi Babu prefers to talk more about the film and less about his role. “I am confident about the film. It will face all the challenges and perform well. Tharun’s style has always impressed me, and he has taken it to the next level. After Kaatera, I’m sure Tharun will rise higher,” he remarks. He appreciates the enjoyable experience of working with Darshan in two films and praises Darshan’s genuine nature along with Tharun’s talent and honesty.

Describing Kaatera as a film rooted in village life and realistic subjects, Jagapathi Babu, who understands the Kannada audience, notes, “Kannada audiences see films as films and stars as real stars. They are still very adoring. This film is 100 per cent native, packed with all the impactful elements. Based on the rushes, fights, sequences, and what I’ve seen, it’s sure to connect.”

The actor will be seen as an antagonist, portraying Devaraya in Kaatera. “I often wonder why filmmakers consider me for villainous roles only. I’ve portrayed positive characters as well. But I have been labeled as a good antagonist, and it’s something I don’t entirely approve of. Nonetheless, acting is a fantastic domain, and I want to continue being a part of it,” he says.

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