Pavan Wadeyar: I would like to remain a student till the last take

 In conversation with director Pavan Wadeyar, whose upcoming romantic drama, Raymo, starring Ishan and Ashika Ranganath, is slated to hit theatres this week
Pavan Wadeyar: I would like to remain a student till the last take

Pavan Wadeyar, the director of hits like Googly, Rana Vikrama, and Natasaarvabhouma returns to direction after a hiatus with the romantic musical, Raymo. Starring Ishan and Ashika Ranganath, the film is slated to release this week. “2019 is when the film began, and the pandemic put a stop to our plans. But the final product of Raymo put a smile on our faces,” says Pavan, adding, “While Ishan is the onscreen hero, Arjun Janya is definitely the offscreen hero of this romantic musical.”

Calling himself an ambitious person, Pavan shares that this attribute usually reflects in his characters too. “People celebrated the Sharath and Swathi pair of Googly, and Gagan and Sruthi in Natasaarvabhouma too received a lot of love. A lot of these characters are still remembered, and with Raymo, I want the characters of Revanth and Mohana to join this list. Both actors have equal importance in the film, and have done their best to elevate this love story,” says Pavan.

Ishan plays an egoistic youth in Raymo, and Pavan shares that the character sketch of the protagonist was the starting point of the film. “Raymo has an attitude and is proud of his achievements, and doesn’t like to see failure. How is it when a man sees too much success in life, and what happens when two egoistic people fall in love? How do they handle the emotional conflicts? This is the crux of the film,” he says.

While Ashika’s innocence made her the perfect fit for Mohana, Ishan’s sharp features prompted Pavan to rope him in for Revanth. “Both are good listeners, and I thought it was a wonderful trait of these young actors. This is what helped them deliver the scenes,” he says.

For the foreign portions, Pavan and team had a recce to over eight countries before finally zeroing in on South Africa. “I was looking for a beachside house with particular requirements, and I finally found it in Durban. The place and the atmosphere of the setting plays an important part in Raymo,” he says.

Summing up the film’s theme, Pavan says, “Raymo is a youthful take on love, and explains the good and bad side of those looking for overnight success.”

The success of Pavan’s career has elevated him to the next level as he gears up to make his Bollywood debut. “Cinema is evolving at a fast pace, and I wish to actually take a back seat, and observe the happenings for some time. I would like to remain a student till the end. The day you think of yourself as a veteran, you are done. So even after 9 films, I still love learning every aspect of cinema.”

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