Director Radhakrishna Reddy to launch Kireeti Reddy

The duo will be collaborating with Eega producer Sai Korrapati under their banner, Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram for a Kannada-Telugu bilingual
Director Radhakrishna Reddy to launch Kireeti Reddy

Reports about political honcho Janardhana Reddy’s son, Kireeti Reddy entering films did create a buzz a few years ago. His wish of entering tinsel town finally comes through, as he is set to be launched by Maya Bazar-2016 director Radhakrishna Reddy in a youth entertainer. The duo will be collaborating with Eega producer Sai Korrapati under the banner, Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram for this Kannada-Telugu bilingual.

Kireeti Reddy is consciously working on all that is required to prop himself as a hero. “I took an acting course in the UK while pursuing my political and business management. Then, I got trained under Madhu’s tutelage,” says Kireeti, who is interested in action, and is rigorously getting trained in all forms of martial arts. “Along with acting, action is always an added benefit. I want to do my own stunts, and I am focused on getting trained in parkour and other stunts for the last six months. I have developed my dancing skills, and I regularly hit the gym too. I am equally taking time out to better myself as an actor, which will give me the confidence to face the camera,” he adds.

Coming from a political background, Kireeti Reddy’s childhood wish to get into acting got wings after he watched Puneeth Rajkumar’s Jackie, and then when he met the Power Star. “I got an opportunity to meet Appu Sir when he had visited our home back then, and we watched the hit film Jackie (2010), along with the Power Star. I still remember those little moments when we came out of the theatre, and he put his hands around my shoulders and had some inspiring words to tell me. His words instilled the determination in me to become an actor,” he shares.

Talking about his launch, Kireeti says that the film will be a perfect youth entertainer with all the commercial elements. “I am in discussion with the director about the film, which is in the final stages of scripting. Once that gets finalised, the team will make an official announcement. However, the preparation is going on from my end,” says Kireeti, adding, “During my stay in the UK I had watched Radhakrishna’s Mayabazar and I was impressed with the making. I also wanted to collaborate with a young director, because they come with fresh ideas. We met a couple of times, and everything fell in place.”

Ask Kireeti Reddy about the support from his father, and he had interesting facts to reveal. “My dad himself was interested in films. Back then, he wanted to become a director and even went to Chennai, where he did some groundwork and assisted some film directors in a handful of films. However his aspirations changed, and he came back to our hometown and got into the business,” says Kireeti Reddy, who signs off saying, “In a way, I will also be fulfilling my father’s dream.”

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