I feel close to my character Satya in Tom & Jerry: Chaithra 

The actor speaks to CE ahead of the film’s release on November 12  
I feel close to my character Satya in Tom & Jerry: Chaithra 

Director Raaghav Vinay Shivagange came up with a quirky title - Tom and Jerry - for his upcoming drama about friendship. However, more than the title, it was the role that made Chaithra Rao take up this film. The actor, who made her transition from the small screen to the silver screen with Mayabazar 2016, is now looking forward to the release of her second film.

Ahead of the film’s release on November 12, she chats with CE about her role in Tom and Jerry. “Satya is free-spirited and can’t be boxed by the conventional boundaries of the society. Though she is a work of fiction, I want to be her - carefree. I felt close to myself playing her,” says Chaithra, who adds that every youngster would want to be her in this age and time.

“This is not a typical film. Also, the female lead is not just a set property. She has something to tell the society, and that makes it different from the regular heroine roles,” she says.

Tom and Jerry has been the talk of the town since the title was announced. The posters and the song Hayagide Yedeyolage, sung by Sid Sriram, have kept the anticipation growing for the film.

Tom and Jerry is about Satya and Dharma (played by Nischith), and according to Chaithra, both represent the characters of Tom and Jerry, who are poles opposite in terms of characters. “Dharma and Satya are the two faces of the same coin, but they can’t live with each other,” the actor reveals.

Chaithra says that director Raaghav Vinay gave her the confidence to take up the film. “I was approached for this project at a time when I was receiving calls about bogus film offers. I thought this film offer was one such fake call, and I decided not to encourage it. However, director Vinay did not give up. He made the right kind of approach and believed that I can pull off this role. Working with Nischith was like being with a friend,” says Chaithra.

Taking the advice of the director, Chaithra has not signed up for any films and is waiting for the release of Tom and Jerry.

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