Corsage remains Austria’s official entry to Oscars despite charges against Florian Teichtmeister

Florian Teichtmeister has been charged with possession of child pornographic images

For this year’s Academy Awards, Austria’s official entry was Marie Kreutzer’s Corsage. On Tuesday, Florian Teichmeister who played Emperor Franz Joseph I in the film was charged with possession of child pornographic images –58,000 of them. Netizens and many others started to wonder whether this allegation will affect the Corsage’s fortunes at the Oscars. 

Austria has however clarified that Corsage will remain their official entry to the Oscars. One of the financiers of the film had withdrawn support for the film yesterday, but Film & Music Austria (FAMA), the professional body that represents all-Oscar related matters in Austria, have announced that they will continue to back the film. 

Film AG, the Vienna-based film production company behind Corsage, also issued a statement from producers, Alexander Glehr and Johanna Scherz, and its director-writer, Marie Kreutzer: “We do not wish that the serious misconduct of one actor destroys the incredible performance of the entire cast and crew of the film. But no matter what happens now with the film: the love and recognition Corsage has received cannot be taken away.” The news comes as a pleasant one to the film’s cast, crew, and fans. 

Corsage revolves around the life of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. Faced with a future of strict ceremonies and royal duties, Empress Elisabeth of Austria rebels against her public image and comes up with a plan to protect her legacy. 

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