Priyanka Mondal talks about struggles as an actor and being a part of Sunny Leone's music video

Actor Priyanka Mondal sizzles as the queen in Sunny Leone's music video, Machhli
Priyanka Mondal in Machhli
Priyanka Mondal in Machhli

Despite an impressive debut in Tollywood with Anindya Chatterjee's Projapoti Biskut, actor Priyanka Mondal has to still struggle hard to get that one life-changing role that she is looking for. This year too, the actor stood out in a small role in the recently released film Anusandhan, directed by veteran filmmaker Kamaleswar Mukherjee, where she played actor Saswata Chatterjee's wife.

"When you are an outsider, be it in any industry, you don’t know the important people and those who matter, and they too don’t know anything about you or your work. The initial journey of getting to know them and most importantly getting noticed by them is the biggest challenge that newcomers like me face," tells the actor, who hails from Nadia district.

Priyanka Mondal

But despite lean offers from Tollywood, Priyanka got noticed and shortlisted for being cast in a music video by Adil Shaikh featuring Sunny Leone and she just finished filming from the same. The video is for the song Machhli sung by Pawni Pandey and Shahid Mallya.

"It was surreal working with Adil, he makes everything so easy. The whole team was very supportive and understanding and I look forward to working with them again soon," enthuses an excited Mondal. 

When she first saw Sunny on the set, Priyanka was completely awestruck by Leone's charm and sensuality. "Her energy on the set was infectious. In between shots, we chatted a bit. I was totally surprised by her friendly and down to earth nature," she tells us.

In the video, Priyanka plays the role of a queen who along with the king is watching different performances by artiste in their royal court. Sunny is one of the performers whose magical dance had an effect on the king as well as her. 

 "I have worked in Mumbai since 2016 for different ads. There is so much I get to learn every time I work there. Mumbai seems to be a few steps ahead of everyone when it comes to artiste management, work techniques and mostly importantly, remuneration," she says when asked about her experience of working in Bollywood, adding that she is expecting a bigger project offer from Bollywood soon.

Telling us about working with Saswata Chatterjee in Anusandhan, Priyanka shares that he is a perfectionist when it comes to acting. "He gave a lot of valuable inputs during our scenes together in the film, which helped me perform better. It becomes a lot easier when you are working opposite an actor who is helpful and not insecure," adds Priyanka.

Priyanka refuses to be a part of the rat race and instead wants to concentrate on developing her acting skills further. "I am patient and I am sure that with time the rights offers will come my way, even if it takes time. Hard work has no alternative," tells the gritty girl, whose list of dream directors includes Kaushik Ganguly and Imtiaz Ali among others.

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