Trailer of Mirg, Satish Kaushik’s last film, out

The film is scheduled to release on February 9
Trailer of Mirg, Satish Kaushik’s last film, out

The trailer of actor Satish Kaushik’s last film Mirg was unveiled on Wednesday. The coming-of-age revenge drama also features Shwetaabh Singh, Raj Babbar and Anup Soni. The film has been directed by Tarun Sharma.

As per the trailer, Raj Babbar plays a formidable politician who gets challenged by one of his minions (Shwetaabh Singh). Babbar appoints Satish Kaushik’s character to eliminate Shwetaabh for his insubordination but things don’t go as planned. The film is a journey of a lapdog who goes on to become a ‘Mirg’.

The official synopsis reads, "Mirg is a mountain leopard found in the lower regions of Himachal Pradesh. There are numerous myths surrounding this rarely-seen creature. Myths and stories are what separates Mirg from a regular leopard. Stories that are larger than life yet strangely believable. The film explores the journey of one man, Anil, an intelligent yet caged order-following boy. One incident and his attachment to his coworker (Ravi) changes his perspective of everything around him. Why is he following orders blindly? Why does no one not revolt even when mistreated? Are potent people really as powerful or untouchable as the myths claim? Or can myths be just stories to amplify and create fear? Set in the jungles of Himachal, Mirg is a coming-of-age revenge drama. It is the journey of realization that in the jungle, the difference between the hunter and the hunted is just one letter, nothing more, nothing less."

Satish passed away last year following a cardiac arrest. Produced by Rishi Anand, Shwetaabh Singh and Tarun Sharma, the film will be released in theatres on February 9.

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