Tara Reid to headline psychological thriller Dr Quarantine

Production on the film, directed by White Cross, is underway in Los Angeles
Tara Reid to headline psychological thriller Dr Quarantine

Tara Reid, known for American Pie and Sharknado, has signed up for Dr. Quarantine, a psychological thriller directed by White Cross. Production on the film is underway in Los Angeles. The film follows a psychiatrist (Reid), ordered to stay indoors during a pandemic, who seeks to help her spouse and offspring stranded overseas and make her patients relaxed even as she battles nerves of her own. Speaking about the film, Reid told Deadline, ‘’It’s a mental health thriller, shedding light on the hard time we all went through separately, but also together during the pandemic and is a topic that needs attention because of the worldwide global mental health issue from the repercussions that people are now experiencing in the aftermath of being confined.”

On the other hand, Cross told Deadline, "What happened during the coronavirus pandemic is like nothing anyone has seen in their lifetime. Schools were shut down, businesses closed, and people were holed up in their homes, not knowing what to believe from all the mixed messages they’re getting from the outside about this virus.”

Cross added, "I want to tell a story that explored all the claustrophobic anxiety that comes with that, but at the same time a story that provided a little bit of hope. Thus Dr. Quarantine was born. The film we’re making is deeply psychological, dramatic, and even has a touch of humor as it captures the feeling of this exceptional moment in history through the lens of a psychiatrist who’s dealing with her own anxiety disorders in an extremely anxious time.’’

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