Olivia Cooke, Jamie Bell to headline Takes One to Know One

The film is described as an unconventional and contemporary take on romance
Olivia Cooke, Jamie Bell to headline Takes One to Know One

Olivia Cooke and Jamie Bell have signed on to lead Takes One to Know One. Italian filmmaker Nathalie Biancheri, known for her film Nocturnal, is directing the film. Described as an unconventional and contemporary take on romance.

The story follows Eleanor and Lucas. When the two meet in Rome, they are drawn to each other's passion for art, Italy and each other. Despite their undeniable chemistry, they face a significant problem: They are both in relationships woth other people. Caught between their growing feelings and their existing commitments, they must navigate the complexities of love and loyalty while exploring the potential for something life-changing between them. Olivia Cooke to play Eleanor and Jamie Bell to play Lucas.

The film is a Potboiler, BCDF Pictures, and Chippy Tea Productions production. It is also produced by Gail Egan, Claude Dal Farra, Brian Keady, and Olivia Cooke. Josh Glick, Brad Feinstein, and Brooke Baker are executive producing. Brooke Baker is writing the script for the film which will go into production in Italy later this year.

Jamie Bell is known for his roles in Billy Eliot, Jumper, Fantastic Four and Rocketman. Up next, he is set to star in Fred and Ginger. Olivia Cooke recently starred as Alicent Hightower in House of The Dragon whose second season is set to release in June. She is also known for her roles in Sound of Metal, Thoroughbreads, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. The actor also has two new films, The Scurry and Visitations which is in different stages of production.

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