M Night Shyamalan opens up on why Trap's trailer contains a spoiler

Shyamalan wrote and directed the film, which also stars his daughter Saleka as a pop singer performing at a concert arena
M Night Shyamalan opens up on why Trap's trailer contains a spoiler

The trailer of writer-director M Night Shyamalan's upcoming thriller Trap released on YouTube the other day. Josh Hartnett headlines the film from Warner Bros. that revolves around a concert at an arena. The trailer shows Hartnett's character going to a concert with his daughter (Ariel Donoghue). There, Donoghue's character is happy to see Saleka Shyamalan's pop singer Lady Raven, much to her father's delight. However, during the concert, the father notices the concerning presence of law enforcement officers, who are seemingly at the venue to catch a serial killer called The Butcher. The twist is that Hartnett plays the serial killer, a piece of information discernible from the trailer. Usually, the USP of a Shyamalan film is the final twist, but the Trap itself seems to make a big reveal.

Explaining the spoiler in the trailer to The Wrap, Shyamalan said, "When I thought of the idea. I was like, Why? You can’t hide it. It happens so early. This is the fun of the movie. It’s being in that point-of-view.”

Trap also stars Marnie McPhail and Hayley Mills. Shyamalan's daughter, Saleka not only acts in the film but also wrote many tracks for it. The film is slated for an August 9 release.

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