Easy Rider reboot on cards 

Easy Rider is a two-time Oscar-nominated film
Easy Rider reboot on cards 
Easy Rider reboot on cards 

The latest classic Hollywood film that is set to get a reboot is Easy Rider. The counterculture classic starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda was released in 1969. It is understood that the project is in early development.

Easy Rider, a two-time Oscar-nominated film, is considered a pivotal piece of American cinema history, coming off the back of Hollywood's Golden Age of Studio Pictures and introducing a new wave of films and filmmakers who questioned the establishment in the ensuing decade.

Starring the aforementioned Hopper and Fonda, who wrote the screenplay with Terry Southern with Hopper directing, along with jump-starting a certain Jack Nicholson's acting career. Easy Rider follows two Harley-Davidson riders, Wyatt (Hopper) and Billy (Fonda), riding across the USA to deliver cocaine in Southern California. The two main protagonists, now famous icons of the American hippie movement, embrace their subculture along their journey whilst clashing with others that don't appreciate their way of life.

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