Derek Luke and Katie Holmes reunite for Rare Objects

Holmes is also directing and producing the film
Derek Luke, Katie Holmes
Derek Luke, Katie Holmes

Derek Luke is starring alongside  Katie Holmes in Rare Objects. The two had earlier worked together in the 2003 film Pieces of April.

Holmes is also producing and directing  Rare Objects. She along with Phaedon Papadopoulos has penned the screenplay, which is based on Kathleen Tessaro's novel of the same name. 

Julia Mayorga of American Rust fame is also part of the ensemble.

Rare Objects is about a young woman with a traumatic past who seeks to rebuild her life when she begins working at an antique store. Receiving wisdom and guidance from Winsahaw, the kind souls that own the shop, she gains a new level of confidence that will then be put to the test when those from her past draw her back into their world and challenge her fragile stability. Divorced from his wife, with a small child in Virginia, Winshaw travels the world and sends back his amazing finds to the store. As he deals with the high society of New York City, Winshaw helps the young woman navigate her way through this new life as romance blossoms.

Julia Mayorga is playing the young woman's role and Derek Luke essays the antique dealer, Winshaw.

Derek Luke, meanwhile, is starring in another film directed by Holmes. It also stars Jim Sturgess and Melissa Leo.

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